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He’s a TV Star – He’s Nick Podany and he’s in Evanston!

ALL IN A DAY’S WORK:  My Work is never ‘Work.’  I sit and write all day long.  What could be more FUN than that.  And, pursuing a Career that you feel is FUN is what really matters. It’s what drives a person to be(come) a success while keeping that passion alive. 

So here I was sitting @ Northwestern University when a young man approaches me asking about how to print a script.  I helped him as I’m good @ things like that.  We start to chat and he tells me he’s from LA where my Kid Sister, Linda Koopersmith (d/b/a:  The Beverly Hills Organizer) has resided and worked for decades now.  When you're conversing, it's a general Rule to always find some sort of ‘common ground’ when you’re networking and making new Friends.  That's just the Nature of (Beauty and) The Beast. It helps melt away that 6 Degrees of Separation that Kevin Bacon made famous which was followed by Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook that has that quotient down to probably between 1.5-2 (@ the most).

After some small but  not trivial talk about the printing process and how his latest Script will print on 2 Sides instead of 1; is it hard to memorize lines and Shakespearean Theatre, it turns out he is none other than:

Nicholas Podany,
an up-and-coming Actor

who’s here LIVE at NorthWestern University for 5 weeks this summer, taking relevant Acting Courses that he finds of interest.  He tells me he’s done some TV.  I kiddingly ask him if he knows Tom Hanks, who is, has been and may always be my favorite Actor.  Nick tells me he attended an Event in which Tom’s Charity was highlighted. Tom was not able to appear. I then told Nick about the time I was to meet Richard Branson in order to attend the Opening of his Virgin Store in Chicago (on Michigan & Ohio Streets) in the 1990s, but Sir Richard had an unforeseen previous engagement. Branson's staffers did personally fax, then email me, relaying the news that he would not be in attendance.  Was I crushed?  I was crushed.  Things like this (unexpected Events) happen when you're a Serial Hot Shot.  I should have asked Nick if he knows Johnny Depp. 

Back in LA, Nick will be a Senior in High School in the Fall. He says that although he is striving for a full-time career in Acting, he does have a solid interest in math and the sciences.  He then tells me that he is often cast on THE HART OF DIXIE SERIES.  So I google THE HART OF DIXIE SERIES as Nick is telling me about the series.  I felt badly I don’t watch it, but I bet I’ll start now. 

That's one of the good things about Networking.  Via Word of Tongue, you're reaching People -- even Generations and Decades older or younger thanyourself. It's a 2-way street.  In techno - geek circles this is known as:

Word of Mouse vs. Word of Mouth. 

Both are highly efficient means. 

THEN:  one click leads itself into another and a super(b) online Article pops up at:

that explains how a Local [Los Angeles] Guy is following his dream. AND, so young, too!  NIck possesses that young, laid back, heart-throb look. He's moldable and adjustable; flexible and this is what's needed.  They call that Cross-Over POW-tential.    

As the Larchmont Buzz (newspaper’s masthead) reads: “Buzzing with News from Larchmont Village, Hancock Park and the Greater Wilshire areas of Los Angeles,” columnist,  Julie Grist wrote and posted this Article back on Wednesday, November 30, 2011 when Nick was 15. 

She relays: 

"Norton Ave. native Nicholas Podany is only 15 years old, but his career in acting and music certainly seems to be taking off. In love with the stage since he was a child at St. James and Open Charter schools, Podany is currently playing a lead role in Hermetically Sealed a new play by Kathryn Graf at the Skylight Theater in Los Feliz.

Podany describes the show as a “psychological drama with an interesting twist” that he hopes will provide the audience with much to think about. He plays a teenage son, drawn to the sofa and video games, in a dysfunctional family who’s secrets begin to unravel them over the course of a day. The LA Times made the show a Critics Choice and called it “quietly haunting.” Hermetically Sealed runs Fri-Sat-Sun evenings from now through December 18th.

Besides doing the schoolwork required as a sophomore at Brentwood High School, Podany also finds the time to write and perform music. You can see him playing drums, guitar, keyboards, bass AND singing on his YouTube channel Across Coves. It’s worth a visit – not only to hear this nascent talent – but also to see his young face and clear voice change over the course of his five videos, and to see the family home and Windsor Square neighborhood featured as the backdrop in many of his productions.

Our bet is this local kid is going to go far."



Nick said he started out acting when he was really young.  Some parents do that so that their children get careers that will cast them into the Spotlight. Plus, it’s probably the greatest way in which to network as well.  So, it’s been SOME TIME that Nick has consistently been Acting and getting involved in every AE:  Acting  Endeavor that he can.  How cool is that.  No chip on his shoulder.  Just a nice kid printing out his next script. 

For instance, he will be in 2 productions here at Northwestern – next Friday on August 2 at 9 PM and the following Tuesday, but I can’t remember where he stated it would be held. This is a large campus (after all).  I did give him my card & told him to keep me posted. 

During out conversation at the part when he is telling me about THE HART OF DIXIE series, I googled his Name; flipped on the IMAGE button and voila:

pops up.  Little do you know who you are going to meet. Let that serve as Inspiration to all of you reading this, Grasshopper!

And darn, I should have asked him for his Autograph before he slipped away to an exciting life and game-plan that is unfolding before him. 
With the Moral being this:  if you can make your "WORK" not seem like "WORK" as Nick illustrated to me, you're on the right ('write' to us writers) Road to Success and Fulfilment. 

Guess what:  Nick Podany is not 'local' anymore.

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