Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Steal of a Deal. ASK Launches Online Book Stall: $3-a-Book.

“The Best Books you will ever read…and at a Fraction of the Cost.”
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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Few Opening Words from ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith/Chicago, IL USA:
I suddenly woke up this morning at 5:11 with a delightful IT: Idea/Thought.  As a Reader/Writer/Author and one who has always supported Literature & the Arts, I seem to have collected (and proudly so) an Excess of Books. However, I feel the same way:  You can never have that many Books.  They are just the Greatest Gift to give while they also remain the greatest Gift to receive; while they are the greatest Items to collect.  Therefore, in order to pass along many of the Books I have accumulated, I am starting an Online eBay Shop on my very own Blog  called KOOPERSMITHin’ here that will be aptly named:


The idea is to ‘stall’ no more. Look at all of the Books ‘out there’ that you will never read. This Selection that I am selling are proven winners; always interesting and real page-turners.

As we all know and have seen before our very eyes:  The Publishing Industry is in a Shift and Change.  So many Books are now eBooks.  Libraries are dismantling their Bookshelves making way for Cyber Copies.  Yet, I can honestly say that the better times of my life have been when I have been ‘just’ sitting there and reading a Book.  And, for those times where you have been in a state of limbo or on the outskirts of being ‘bored’ the action to take is to: 

 “Stall no more! Here's a Selection of Books that are cheap enough to read yourself and then pass on!” 

A  Win-Win Situation from all Angles.

This Operation is designed for only Chicagoans, West Suburban & North Shore Residents (or travelers passing through the area)- as I won’t be mailing the Texts out due to their give-away & el-cheapo prices.  In mint condition, these Second Hand Books are awaiting your Attention.  Therefore, peruse the List below to see WHO you will be reading next.


(No Author given):  Letters to Katie from Edward Burne Jones

(No Author given):  Sunrise of Power: Ancient Egypt: Alexander & The World of Hellenism

(No Author given):  World Book Science Annual: 1976 (The)

Barry, Dave:  Insane City:  A Novel

Bloch, Deborah P.: How to write a Winning Resume

Browne, Ray:  Journal of Popular Culture

Cash, Rosanne:  Composed:  A Memoir

Cooper, Ann & Holmes, Lisa M.:  Lunch Lessons – Changing the Way We Feed our Children ($22.95 Value.  Priced at $11.50).*

Diamant, Anita:  The New Jewish Baby Book

Dixon, Franklin W.:  The Missing Chums ©1928 – Hardy Boys Mystery Stories

Dixon, Franklin W.:  The Mystery of Cabin Island ©1929 – Hardy Boys Mystery Stories

Englander, Nathan:  For the relief of Unbearable Urges

Jennings, Peter & Brewster,Todd:  The Century.  ($60 Value.  Asking Price $30.*)

Kaplain, Dana E.: American Judaism

Kirk, Sam A.: Educating Exceptional Children

Levitt, Steven D. & Dubner, Stephen J.:  Freakonomics

Lewis, Norman:  Word Power Made Easy

Lofting, Josephine:  The Story of Doctor Dolittle

McCullough, David:  Truman ($30 Value. Asking Price $15.00)*

Myers, Melinda:  The Perfect Illinois Lawn

Nichols, Michael P.  Turning Forty in the 80s

Noble, David F. Gallery of Best Resumes

Rense, Paige, Architectural Digest – International Interiors ($35 Value.  Priced at $17.50)*

Safire, William:  What’s the Good Word?

Silverstone, Alicia:  The Kind Diet

Terkel, Studs:  Race

Tina Fey:  Bossypants

Weight Watchers (Editorial Team):  Healthy & Happy Celebrations

Wolfe, Linnie Marsh:  John of the Mountains


May, 1992 – Tiger (on the Cover)

March, 1996 – Penguins

February, 2001 – Jewel Scarabs

June, 2008 – Stonehenge

March, 2011 – Pets

Today, August 13, 2013 is the Launch date of this Literary Endeavor.  You can instantly detect that this is not an Amazon.com Inventory (yet), but much better prices for those in Chicago and the surrounding area known for its Big Shoulders, devoted Readers & extraordinary Authors & Writers. This is a Cash-and-Carry System only.  Pick-up is in Evanston, Illinois USA.

Email me at:  askoopersmith(at)hotmail(dot)com

to set up ‘the particulars.’

Additionally, if someone wants a particular Author, put in your Request. I’ll attempt to find those for you, also.

HISTORICALLY:  This is an Extension of my ABC:  Adrienne’s Book Critiques ©2002 whereby I promoted Authors & reviewed their Books placing my Evaluations online & distributed those Reviews to hundreds of thousands of Personalities/Businesses & Outlets. For those of you wondering how the Name came about, the Explanation can be said in 137 Characters (3 Characters short of a full-sized Twitter) and those are: 

When I was ‘bored’ (imagine that), one day in the 1990s, BUC PANTELIS, a friend simply told me this: “Put your mind into a Good Story.” 

He actually ‘said’ Book.   I readjusted the Copy as that’s what we Writers naturally do to enhance the Flow of the Words on the Page. It’s a Part of our self-derived Job description. I feel those Words are synonymous - one in the same.  Those Words were never forgotten.  I’m sure BUC would not mind or worry about that mild readjustment.

Feel free to contact me with any special Questions or pressing Queries you have.  


will be updated Daily for your rad Reading Pleasure & Excursions. Please feel free to visit when you like.  Like the Internet, We never close. 

NOTE:    * Art Books & Classic Coffee Table Books are priced accordingly.


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