Wednesday, August 7, 2013

You are in Good Hands with Ava. Chicago & Suburban HomeCare Giver is expanding her Reach. A Hiring Opportunity for Seniors needing Help.

ASK/CHICAGO’s RECO FOR HOME-STYLE SENIOR CARE:  We are all getting older and we may be needing some help and support with the tasks we just can’t do any longer.  I was fortunate this morning in meeting Ava W. who is a Homecare Giver.  Ava’s been taking care of Seniors for 6 years now and is looking for several more Clients to fill in her days.  Genuine Love & Understanding radiated from her eyes as she told me how she helps Seniors-in-need.


Besides giving them all the TLC they need since this demographic is often forgotten, she is able to ‘do’ everything for Seniors in and around the Chicago area, including all suburbs.  Ava comes equipped with a van in order to take a Senior to his/her doctor’s or dentist’s office; to dialysis; to run errands; spend some Quality Time at a Senior Center; attend a Concert or Graduation; go to the Library for some great Reads and/or to dine out.  She can accompany and take them on walks; read to them and perform light duties that need daily attention. Ava is an astute Companion, being there so the isolated and Lonely Factors do not enter their Day.  As a great Cook and Baker, Ava will maintain all Meals and Grocery Shop. For those clients inflicted with Dementia, she will encourage them to ‘take’ their Med(ication)s since many seem to forget to do this.  Ava is there when Family cannot be. 


If you need additional help with a loved one who needs more Attention, please contact me here on Facebook or at: 


and I’ll give Ava’s phone number to you.  Working in this profession for 6 years, Ava’s an understanding and caring lady who makes her Client’s Day(s) ‘The very Best’ they can be.


Please feel free to share this with others via all the Social Media Networks you may be linked in to.  On behalf of Ava’s Special Request, thank you. 


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