Saturday, August 17, 2013

ASK of Chicago’s Award-Winning Lit(erary) Works now primed for THE BiG TiME. Time to jump on-board. Next Stop: Toy-a-Paloosa where every TOY & ANT gets their Hey-Day.

Saturday, August 17, 2013


Dear LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter Associates and Friends:

I’ve been writing-up a Storm the last three (3) years and now I am taking a Break to solicit your Expertise & Assistance. I’m taking this Action before 2014 sets in because the Topic is very timely and Time is of the Essence in all Concerns and Matters.   In 1,262 Words, I’ve explained my Purpose below: 

No doubt about ‘IT.’  Racism is the worst Problem Mankind faces.  Moreover, if we dissect the Word ‘Mankind,’ there is nothing ‘kind’ about Man when ‘IT’ comes to the Hate, Bigotry and Scorn many of them/us use when ‘IT’ comes to our Brothers & Sisters (i.e. The Family of Mankind) who … after all, share the same Ground, Air, Space and DNA with us.  Therefore, in order to put ‘IT’ all into Perspective and to eliminate Racism once and for all (of us), I have written (to date:  Saturday, August 17, 2013) 4/7 of a Series called:


How 10 Beloved Plush TOYS Redefine Race ©2009


“What the Movie, ‘Bambi’ did for Forest Fires in the early 1950s

is what ‘SKiN’ does for Racism here in the 21ST Century.”


That’s a direct Quote from Robert E. Hofstadter of Hofstadter & Associates (1 of my Readers whose Family has won 3 Pulitzers and 1 Nobel Prize.  Therefore, he knows about the Dynamics of what Great Literature is all about). Hof’s Comment was aired about ‘THE SKiN SERiES’ after Script #3 entitled:


beat out 3,164 other Movie Scripts in the annual Scriptapalooza International Screenplay Competition held in Hollywood, California. Its Founder & President, Mark Andrushko (formerly of Chicago, my Hometown) employs only the top Movie Industrialists – the Movers and Shakers – to read (peruse and ultimately select) these Submissions.  This Corporate Elite evidently know what will sell and what will ‘make IT’ on the A&E: Arts & Entertainment Scene.

Since July of 2010 when iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS ©2009 was selected, I meticulously rewrote the Project into 2 Books & 2 Spec Scripts to demonstrate the Topic has Lasting Power.  Historically, ‘ANTS’ ranked as Spec Script #3 (of THE SKiN SERiES) as I taught myself how to screen-write after Hugh Grant, an Actor/Producer read Chapter/Scene 28 of the Original Text and seriously declared in April of 2009:

Adrienne, this sounds like Children’s Performance Theatre.”

From that Point (58 Character Deduction) onward, I knew the Series had Merit.  Now, PROJECT: SKiN (that encapsulates iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS ©2009) needs its ‘Break into the Big Time.’ 

TACKLING ONE ANT HILL AT A TIME:  To keep the(ir) momANTum in place, as

America’s Premier Eventologist

(a Title I received from Gene Koprowski of Insight Magazine of Washington, DC

 in August of 1996)


The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World

(yet another Designation I received from

 Eric Zorn of The Chicago Tribune in Chicago, Illinois

 in January of 2001),

I have proclaimed:

August is ANT Appreciation Month ©2010’

Following suit, I have obtained the acceptANTS & recognition of scores of Myrmecology (ANT SciANTist) Groups, Associations and Organizations on Facebook and throughout The Web for the last three (3) years.  Fascinating as these Insects are, because there are 31 charactANTS® in my 2 Scripts/Manuscripts (as well as an ANT-iculated Vocabulary of 245 ANT Words/Terms that delight Children and aid in the Marketing/Branding/Interacting of the Product Lines), there is Continual Interest and a build-up about iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS as a popular Entity. 

Due to the unmitigANTed Fact that ANTS naturally come in a wide Variety of Colors and Sizes (as Humans do), this Species of 130,000,000 years old has collectively seen a PlANeT that was NOT riddled by Humans…when Bigotry, Prejudice & Hate were nowhere to be found. 

“As fascinating as a Topic on what ANTS can represent,

 Koopersmith examines how People can finally solve

one of our gravest of all Societal ills  as poignANTly as can be done.”


That direct Quote is from Julie Kurtz, Translator & Interpreter ( of Evanston, Illinois) who is working on the Spanish Translation of the Manuscripts. 

TO REITERATE:  No doubt about ‘IT.’  Racism is the worst Problem Mankind faces.  Worse than the Wrath of Mother Nature and the Cause of many Wars, Racism bears Contempt, Dislike and Inhuman Dramas that none of us need. Racism can begin with an off-colored Remark posed as an Insult tossed between 2 Elementary School Kids that escalates into a Bullying Match that leads to Militia, Hate Groups and Holocaustic Events that still mar our Planet.  As Smokey the Bear (who turned 69 on August 9 when I turned 61, as active BabyBoomers, who have the ‘Right & Write Stuff’ on our furry and fleshy Sides): 

“Only you can prevent Forest Fires.”

As the Creator of SKiN ™, I say:  “Only you can eliminate Racism.”

…one Person at a time; one Smile at a time; one Chat at a time;  one ANT at a time; one TOY at a time. 

MY SPECIAL REQUEST IS:  PROJECT: SKiN ™ needs to get discovered. The Time is right.  In today’s current Events and Global News, the Topic of Racism leads the List.  The Topic makes News 24/7.  The CharacTOYS® in the other Scripts (of which 4/7 are penned already) are TOYS from my Private TOY Collection as I have been actively collecting TOYS since Birth, which are the most Marketable Commodity in Contemporary Branding Wars.

THE GOAL OF THIS MiSSiVE:  I want to assemble a Team of Expert Professionals consisting of Venture Capitalists; a Movie and/or Animation Studio; Publishing House and Media Outlets (for starters) who want to invest and launch this Project.  Together we can:

Eliminate Racism;
                                    Dispel the Mixed Signals & Ironies We received every Day; and

Get to the Heart of what really matters.

Those are the prevailing Themes of:


How 10 Beloved Plush TOYS Redefine Race ©2009

featuring:  iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS ©2009

“In Literature as in the Movies, the Bottom Line remains as ‘IT’ (whatever ‘IT’ may enfold) has always been about ‘The Glory of The Story.’  Mark my Words (all of them) as others have examined ‘IT,’ The SKiN Series will travel through Time and Space with Grace much as Aesop’s Fables have affected Readers of all Ages and throughout all the Ages.”

All IT takes is one call…

After all, isn’t that the Message we behold when leading our Lives? 

Thank you for your anticipated Help and Cooperation.  I look forward to receiving your Feedback and hearing your Comments, if Time prevails.



Screenwriter – Author – Eventologist – Promoter
“People read what ASK writes about…”
Chicago, Illinois USA


847-630-9201 – ASK’s Cell 
847-448-0544 – VM





PS:  Please feel free to post, share and retweet.

The following is a 140 Character Tweet I’ve fashioned just for that Purpose on your individual Accounts:

ASKs award-winning Movie Scripts/Manuscripts SKiN: Sacred Kinship in Nature needs Prodctn Aid Ends Racism. 2days leadg Topic Wont U help?

* * *

NOTE-WORTHY NEWS:  For those curious amongst you, the colorful Avatar here is of GORF, THE FROG who is 1 of the 11 leading CharacTOYS®  in this Series.  BTW:  GORF is FROG back-words, a Creature who has resided on Planet Earth for 217,000,000 years.  Having outlived the Mighty Dinosaur, THE FROG (like all the Creatures in my Series here) has a History, Prehistory & STORY  to RST: Relay, Share and Tell.  He would indeed make Aesop proud.
                * * *

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