Tuesday, August 19, 2014

$38,000,000 will buy YOU (me – any of us) more than an old outdated Ferrari.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014. #NationalSplurgeDay’s #TheDailySplurge #60 for Today analyzes the previous  TOYS FOR TUESDAY, now TOYSday and how some Individuals (who have never SPLURGED) nearly make the Act of Consumerism completely obscene with only one outrageously expensive Purchase, i.e.: TOY of their Choosing.  However, not everyone can afford an Auto for $1,000,000, let alone 38 times more. 


ENTER:  The 1962-63 Ferrari GTO Berlinetta that sold on Thursday, August 14, 2014 in California for $38,000,000, now rated as the highest price paid for a(ny) Car at Auction.

Do you realize what kind of Home that Vehicle has to be sitting in front of to do it justice? 

And, where is the Justice in an Example like this. 

#1: The Buyer (whose Name is undisclosed) has never SPLURGED in his/her life.  By having a Fortune in which to ‘blow’ at any given Time for any TOY he/she wants, Buying is then thrown to the Wind.  

Whereby the Act of SPLURGING is performed by most People who indulge in an Excess only a few Times a year.  A very Miniscule Fraction of People (1% of the World Population) SPLURGES at such excessive Amounts & Heights.  The Difference is that they can afford any and everything they see or whim to; whereby a SPLURGE is seldom and sometimes, regretted.


Masses of People have never SPLURGED in their entire Lifetime, being born into  Shanty Towns, Ghettos or Communities where Despair, Homelessness, Disease and Poverty loom across their entire Picture with no way out.     

Fairness in SPLURGING is impossible due to the constant Battle between ‘The Haves’ and ‘The Have-Nots.’ 

But is the new ‘old’ – vintage Ferrari GTO Berlinetta Owner happy?  We may never know since s/he has to keep his/her Name (and Station in Life) anonymous.  I personally think the Buyer is an Arab Oil Sheik.


HOWEVER:  If I were the proud Owner of a Vehicle of that Intensity, I’d immediately brag, boost and share Pictures of my new Car-Toy clear across the Internet via Facebook and Twitter.  But that’s not likely to happen to this new Owner.  And, that’s why it’s sad that the super-rich cannot SPLURGE-in-Peace like the rest of us can and do.  Being ridiculed for being rich may be wrong, but some Stories as these are simply too interesting not to analyze.


ACCORDING TO a July 10, 2014 Stat from: WHO:

38 Million Die Annually From Chronic Diseases

with the Majority dying from these Illnesses

residing in developing Countries.

Remember those Stats about Third & Fourth World People who live on a Dollar or less a Day?  That $38,000,000 could be divvied up between 38 million of them; giving them a bit more ‘Pocket Change.’  A Buck could change their world momentarily. 

What if 76 major Talents (on the Brink of ‘Making It Big’) were given a Stipend of $500,000 to pursue their Passion?  Wouldn’t that be a smarter Action to do than put it all into a Mass of Metal that can be struck broadside, flipping it head over tail, at an Intersection by an inebriated Driver? 

3,800,000 People could be handed $10 in which to buy a McGrittle Meal at McDonald’s or a fancy Coffee Beverage at Starbuck’s instead.  One of those could buy a Lottery Ticket, get lucky, win and increase their Bank Account by Millions. 

You can purchase:  348,623 Men's Nike Air Max 90 Essential Running Shoes that retail for $109.00/pair. Spreading the Fortune is of utmost Concern here to us at SPLURGE CENTRAL.  The Examples, of course, can go on and on as long as your Calculator works. 

The Idea of SPLURGING for National Splurge Days ©1994 is now to THINK outside of your Comfort Zone; yourself and towards others.

SPLURGE on to Others as you’d want others to SPLURGE on to you.

The Golden Rule in a concentric Manner that matters. 

In other Words, $38,000,000 will buy YOU (me – any of us) more than an old dated Ferrari.  Looking at the Global Picture is what’s at Stake in the Modern World of 2014 on out…it’s called:  Humanity. 

Penned by:  'The Queen of Splurge
ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
National Splurge Day ©1994
Studio 1258 & 1437
Chicago - Illinois USA

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