Monday, August 18, 2014

How to be a SuperStar for under Fifteen Grand by Christmas, 2014. ASK/Chicago show you how.

Posting of:  Monday, August 18, 2014
Deadline of  following PR Offer: 
August 27, 2014 - Noon

#NationalSplurgeDay’s #The DailySplurge #59 for August 18, 2014 reflects upon the Fact that merely  2 months ago was June 18 – the Super ABC: Anniverary  -Birthday -  Celebration  of NATIONAL SPLURGE DAY ©1994, 1 of ASK’s top 3  HOLIDATES and rated as the top Retailing Holiday next to Black Friday.  Now to keep the Festivities – Momentum going through to its 25TH Year ending on December 31, 2019, you can now be represented by ASK: The Queen of Splurge. 

As ‘America’s Premier Eventologist’ and an ardent international PRAM-OLOGIST: Public Relations – Advertising – Marketing (Branding) Expert, this HOLIDATE TO CELEBRATE is world-renown (not just national) as Adrienne’s Writings always take on a VIRAL Presence. Pop Culture is what all 1900 HOLIDATES encompass. Every Topic and Industry (under the SUN) is covered by ASK.  This is what you – your Company and your Brand need and want-to-be.


Therefore, take this additional Step today to secure additional Publicity and maintain that PRESENCE that insures your Brand turned to as ‘The One’ Masses buy into – that they SPLURGE on.  




7 Days a Week = 3 Tweets (including 3 Media Hits);

1 Facebook of 150 Words explaining what you/company/brand do (including 3 Media Hits);

1 LinkedIn Post of 50 Words explaining what you/company/brand do.


This Offer includes Follow-Up.  When your Tweet has been retweeted to 10s of thousands of others, ASK writes a personal Tweet to them, thanking that Company, which is proper Tweetiquette.  You will get an itemized Social Media Log of who your NEW CONTACTS are via the KOOPERSMITHIAN TOUCH via email by the 5th of the following Month. 
For an Offer like this you would normally pay $65,000 for the Yearly Retainer (at its Base).  You cannot afford to miss-out... 

Especially so with the Holiday Gift Buying Season kicking in.  This is a proven Strategy to get the Exposure you need as well as to pre-launch your Efforts into 2015, the New Years and all the Excitement it shall generate.  



$14,400:  (per 12 Months): PREPAID

$7,200 (per 6 Months): PREPAID

$3,600 (per 3 Months): PREPAID


Contact ASK at:


in order to schedule a Time to chat more about this Golden Opportunity.  ASK is based in Chicago, Illinois USA, the 3rd most metropolitan/cosmopolitan City in the USA; extremely advantageous as a Satellite to your Office/Industry.



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