Sunday, August 31, 2014

UPHEAVAL: 2 Sinkholes have formed in my Lot. Must evacuate. Need Moving Donations ASAP.


Dateline:  August, 31, 2014


Your Assistance is needed in helping me and an Invalid Friend (that I am taking care of) vacate our Apartment (of one year) due to 2 ‘Sinkholes’ that have opened near our Building and threaten our immediate Safety.  The Alderman of our Ward has been called, but my Gut Instinct tells me this is an Accident waiting to happen that could kill and/or injure People as well as destroy Property.


An Advance of any Amount is needed.  However, We are expecting We will need $24,000 (equivalent to one year’s Rent and Moving Costs) that will insure our Safety. 


As reciprocation, I’ll reimburse your company/self by acting s your PR Affiliate, sending out News of your  Brands and Projects, etc.  to whomever you choose.  I am a pro at this. 


Because Rain can perpetuate and further these Sinkholes and soften the Grounds all the more, the sooner We find another Location and  get out of here, the better.  Additionally, with Winter in the near Future, the Weight of the Ice and Snow around our Apartment Building where we rent could very easily fall. 


Please call me at:


847-630-9201 or email me at:


To discuss this dire Situation.  This is a very scary Episode as you don’t know when these Holes will sink taking every Object (People – Places – Pad – Pets - Personal Belongings) in their Way. 


Thank you.


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