Friday, August 15, 2014

Nail them at the Cross: How the Smithe Bros. & Skip Haynes stole from Chicago’s Very Own, ASK. Justice being served.

UPDATE:  Friday, August 15, 2014 - 4 PM CST



Walter E. Smithe Custom Furniture is not who or what they say they are as they hide behind (their) Family (name) on all their (contrived) TV Commercials. 


Remember the TV Commercial re: National Smith Day ©1995 airing in 2012?  That was my Creation.  They stole it; they violated USA Copyright Laws. They misconstrued the Essence of my Holidate and  ran National Smith Day ©1995 on the Major Broadcasting Stations of ABC, NBC, CBS without paying me, no less getting my Permission and/or Acknowledgement. I lost millions in paid Endorsements and new Clients.


Then, 5 months later (starting in May and ending in September of 2012) along with Skip Haynes, Composer of the 40+ year old Hit:  Lake Shore Drive they did the same Crime, but extended the Crime. 

The 4 of them overtly copyright-infringed on the TV Commercial Script that I created for them.   


Again, my Intellectual Property (aka: Copyrighted Material) was ripped off for purely their Financial Gain; they violated USA Copyright Laws.


TO TOP IT OFF:   They did not even know each other as I intro’d them.  Haynes lives in LA; the Smithes live in Itasca. They ran my LAKE SHOR DRIVE Script on the major Stations without paying what I was and still am DUE as of August 15, 2014, no less asking for my Permission or giving me Credit as Creator.


This Criminal Act comprised 25 Days of Theft of Intellectual Property that is all fully documented. I have all the Evidence.  It’s 2 open-and-shut Cases.


A Poll showed that being the Inventors of contrived TV Commercials, the Smithe Bros. are the Laughing Stocks of Chicago, which they are.   


These Contrived TV Commercials will put their Parents into an early Grave.


These Contrived TV Commercials will close their Showrooms so no Sales will ever matter (again).   


These Contrived TV Commercials will land them in their HeyDay in Court.


The Bad Boys, namely Walter E., Tim, Mark Smithe & Skip Haynes are headed out. Once a Reputation is soiled (esp. on the INTERNET), there’s no regaining Stature.  Their Day of Redemption will come; it’s almost here.  I have all the Evidence and Book/Story/Script ready to go.  Nobody pulls one over ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith.

And We all remember what happened to Julius Caesar on the 15TH, don’t we. 

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