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Feeling Wealthy? #SplurgeAndSpend $195,000,000 on this Place. I mean Palace. How ASK: The Queen of Splurge promotes Luxury Real Estate. 1 #Tweet + 1 #Blog + 1 #Hashtag @ a Time, for Starters.

National Splurge Day’s The Daily Splurge #139 for Friday, November 7, 2014 may just be (without and beyond the Shadow of a Doubt), the largest Real Estate Splurge in the History of the USA.  That’s because it deals with a Home (more at the Compound – Palace State or eState Levels) that is the most expensive PoP: Piece of Property yet cited by The Media. 

What will $195,000,000 buy? That is the usual Question ASK, The Queen of Splurge (Creator /Founder/Originator & Owner of National Splurge Day ©1994 & The Daily Splurge & YOTS:  Years Of The Splurges ©2010) asks when a Topic of this Nature presents itself (i.e.: appears in the Media so it makes us think and dream large – larger than Life, that is).

Evidently, right off the Bat (a 24-karat insured Bat @ that), if the Purchaser is extremely generous and/or s/he decides to give $1,000,000 to his closest 195 Facebook or Twitter Friends, then 195 sure-fast Friends, that’s a given, will be secured for life, or until that Amount is exhausted. That's a Lot of Exhaust, per ASK's Cal-Q-lations.  We can all agree that this is most certainly a wonderful Way to start out the Holiday-Gift-Giving Season. 

Indeed, a Time of Splurging, when the Sky is the limit – to some/sum People.

However, there are about 195,000,000 Ways to split that Pie, beginning by giving a Buck/Dollar to the lowest on the Economical Rung: Those 195,000,000 who make $1 or less a Day.  Those who live far below the Subsistence or Poverty Levels found across our Granite Planet.  There’s a Demographic right there, that would surely consider that Amount a SPLURGE - a Treat - a Blessing in and of itself. 

“It all depends on what Side of the Bank Account you are on,” Koopersmith deducts.

ENTER:  Palazzo di Amore

Embodying Elegance, Optimum Grace and Sophistication. Every Comfort has been considered and every Detail meticulously included.

It's all about Palazzo di Amore where it's full-fledged Article is entitled:

Yes, you too, can read more about this Palacial Property online at:

in case you are unable to afford this Amount of Luxury all in one Place - Palace.  My Guess is that the Real Estate Agent will require all  potential Buyers to sign an Agreement that they can afford  this Home; otherwise, it will become a Gawker’s Piece and those who live in Beverly Hills, just hate Sight-See-ers who come and stare.

Vaguely in the Background, transcending Time & Space, I can hear my Two Dear Bubbies say:  “Oy, veys meer…is that a Splurge?  If not, then what is?” 

For all my Friends who are Real Estate Agents, they are dying and vying to get their Hands on this Property. It spells out an Early Retirement for them.  Imagine that Windfall if sold to the ‘Highest Bidder’ – evidently a Celebrity, Movie Director, Lottery Winner and/or High Tech Silicon Valley Guru who will have a hey-day with those Property Taxes.  Don't quit your Day Job, that's for sure.

Say...Buddy, can you spare a Wing?    


ACCOMPANYING TWEET of November 7, 2014 – 12:05 PM CST:  #ASK #QueenofSplurge cites #SPLURGE OF A LIFETIME: $195,000,000 Palace that U & 194 of UR MillionPals can buy now:

You have just read ASK’s Rendition of this Super-Splurge on her BLOG, Koopersmithin’.  Feel free to pass it along to Friends, Media and Other Luxuriants.

Need a Piece of Creative Writing done?  Inquire at:
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National Splurge Day’s The Daily Splurge #140 for Saturday, November 8, 2014 is rooted in yesterday's Palacio Blog and further delves into The Realm of SPLURGING when Money is (evidently) no Issue.  As you will recall Agents were asking $195,000,000 for this Beverly Hills Home.


With Twelve (12) Bedrooms as Part of this Estate and an important one at that, one can only wonder about buying Furniture for a Property that huge.  First, of course, the Primary Purchase would be THE BED.  More than likely, THE BED has to be the most expensive BED IN THE WORLD.  A Cot won’t due. The complete Essence of the Home must add to its Richness.  Who sleeps on that Bed?  Can a Pea be felt near its Core because THE BED is that sensitive?  Is an expensive BED all the more comfortable? 


Of course, a Web Page is devoted to the Question of:

What is the most expensive Bed in the World?


Emil Anton, the Writer estimates those BEDS high-end from $50,000 to well over $1,000,000. For that Amount, I’d expect Breakfast in Bed served every Day, 24/7 and around the Clock. 


Ten of the Most Expensive Beds In The World are featured on their own Page.  Here at SPLURGE CENTRAL, We are smitten with:

#1 Baldacchino Supreme Bed ~ Price: $6.3 million

#2 Magnetic Floating Bed ~ Price: $1.6 million (what I call the non-bed. When you view its Image you will see why.  Show me a Pillow and I’m half-way there). 

#3 Jado Steel Style Gold Bed ~ Price: $676,550  (in Gold, mind you). 

#4 Parnian Furniture Bed ~ Price: $210,000


#7 Cosmovoide Bed ~ Price: $60,000

 A special thank you to Emil Anton, a Web-Entrepreneur with over 4 years of Experience in the Digital Luxury Industry, Founder of some of the most visited Online Properties, Event Speaker, LifeStyle Enthusiast!

You’re able to take it from here for the next Query for tomorrow that may be:

What are the most expensive Bed Linens in the World/


But, of course, in our Heart of Hearts, We certainly know the Best Part of THE BED is who you are bedding down with.  That’s a SPLURGE that Money won’t or can’t buy (but it comes awfully close).



National Splurge Day’s The Daily Splurge #141 for Sunday, November 9, 2014 is again rooted in Friday's Palacio Blog and still further delves into The Realm of SPLURGING when Money is (hardly) an Issue. 

The AP: Asking Price for this luxurious Beverly Hills Home is:  $195,000,000.  What continued to pique our Attention here at SPLURGE CENTRAL is the number of Bathrooms in this Home.  23 is that Numeral.  According to the 53,000 Square Feet that the Palace-Place covers, they must have deducted that 23 Bathrooms would be sufficient for 23 People needing those Facilities.  However, when We at SPLURGE CENTRAL compute ‘The Math,’ if Two (2) People were nesting in each of the 12 Bedrooms, then you’d think that each  Person should have their own Bathroom.  Someone is missing out.  That’s Tragic. I take it $195,000,000 doesn’t buy as much as it used to. 

Of course with that FUN closing One Line Zinger on the above Opening Paragraph, We plan to go much farther and discover:

What are the Top Ten most expensive Bathrooms in the World?

Evidently, 23 of them should be in this Home of all Homes, Palace of all Palaces – Palacio if you like the European Take on IT all and there are lots to Take-In. 

And, once again, We have googled our Way into some of the most incredibly luxurious Places on the Planet, that if it had not been for Google, none of us would be experiencing this Degree of  Formal Decadence. 

How pricey can these Bathrooms be?  Picking our Favorite, We will also include the Price Tag, which, of course, is added to the Expense of instilling the Finest in this Abode and similar ones across our Granite Planet. 

Our Findings show that:  

One Marble Bathtub in this glamorous bathroom is $17 million.

One Bathroom has a Fireplace in its center. Apparently for the Times when the Hot Water is plugged up or in Times of Drought. 

One ‘smart’ Bathroom even releases Scents. Hopefully, one of your 23 Housemates do not have Allergies.


The most expensive Bathroom (made entirely of Gold) is $2.3 million.  Extravagantly expensive is not how I’d spend the allocated $2.3 million.  After all has been said and done, the Bathroom still remains the Bathroom; not an Out-House.  I could deal with a few Fog-Free Mirrors though or a Magic Mirror created to highlight the Lines of a Life lived past 60. 

Entering  these Bathrooms We find Toilets.  The lowest priciest Toilet begins at $5,000, but the most handsome was the Dagobert commanding $14,000; the Moon River Art Toilet coming in at $750,000. However, the Earthliest of them all is entitled:  Hang Fung Gold Toilet for $5,000,000, the Grandest Toilet of all Toilets. However, if you are planning any Intergalactic Trips, the International Space Station Toilet retails at $19,000,000.  Why?  That’s a good Question, but We all know the Answer, don’t we.      

Installing a $5,000,000 Toilet in each of these 23 Bathrooms seems a bit ostentatious, doesn’t it.  I guess $195,000,000 leaves your Spending Field wide open.





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