Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Quintessential Cupcake ever baked. At $1,223 you can imagine what the Rest of the Meal costs. Observations made by ASK: #AdrienneSiouxKoopersmith, The Queen of Splurge via National Splurge Day's #The_ Daily_Splurge, Chicago's Very Own.



#NationalSplurgeDay’s #TheDailySplurge #145 for Thursday, November 13, 2014 was inspired by a new Twitter Colleague of today, Steve Boucher, #The_Hashtag_King who has collected a Variety of the most splurgerrific Photos and Captions on his Page, definitely not for the weak of Heart, only for those who want to see what puts the Extraordinary into Daily Life for the über Riche, dfinitely for those who have the Inclination to SPLURGE as much as they can and whenever the can. 

OF SIGNIFICANCE: Just because something is expensive doesn’t mean it is tasteful and/or of pertinence or even liked (for  that matter), especially to those with a  discerning Eye. What grabbed my Attention Today, as THE QUEEN OF SPLURGE was a CupCake, but this was no ordinary CupCake.  This CupCake was special. This CupCake engrained with Flour that was grown in the Queen’s Garden & Plates that are edged and ledged in Gold, Edible Gold, that is.  Not 14-Karat but 24-Karat Gold.  All for a mere Penance and Pittance of a King’s Ransom, this CupCake (which could be yours and which [I would guess] is edible, but not filling) costs a mere Mortgage Payment to an average Over-Achiever or Suburbanite of $1,223.  This ambitious little CupCake Morselle was surrounded by Dollops of Chocolate, a Pair of Strawberries dipped in Liquid Gold & had a few Brittle Cookies rising proudly from its Icing. 
A distant Relative to the Hostess CupCake, you could buy 611.5 at 50 cents apiece and feed the Downtrodden and Homeless with the Latter, if you make the Choice to serve instead of being served. Yet, it is still nice to dream.  Some People count Sheep; others bake pricey high-end CupCakes that get posted on Twitter and Instagram. How’s that going to appear on their Tombstone? We are not discussing the Pizza here.  
Does anyone know where the nearest CupCake Pawn Shop is?   So much for Processed Baked Goods and Goodies.  Here’s to Love and Golden Sprinkles and Fantasies.  I wonder if they take VISA or MASTERCARD.

And above all else, as the Title of  THE DAILY SPLURGE asks:  What did the Rest of this Meal look like?  Lettuce know…


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