Thursday, November 20, 2014

The #HashtagRing, The Hashtag Ring. It's all about the #Hashtag_Ring for Ring Fanciers everywhere. The #1 Gift to give as decreed by The Queen of Splurge, ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, Creator/Founder/Originator: National Splurge Day © 1994 and The Daily Splurge © 2014.

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The Daily Splurge

National Splurge Day’s The Daily Splurge #152 for Thursday, November 20, 2014 promotes the Trendiest Ring that any Gal could ever want for Christmas.  Even if she is not of the Christian Persuasion or Religion, this is OR: One Ring that says it all.  A Sign of the Times - our Times, it is the HASHTAG RING – 18 Karat Gold Ring with/of the Hashtag Symbol that is studded with 1 Karat Diamonds.  This is the Epitome of what Trends and becomes Trendsetting. Consider this the Conversation Piece of the Season, if not for 2015 and beyond. 
Kudos to its Designer: Khai Khai Jewelry

Me? I’d want mine totally encrusted and embedded in Emeralds or Chunks of Malachite instead since Green is more conducive to my Coloring.  Hats off and give him/her a Round of Applause for  Khai as this Hashtag Ring should get the:


awarded by We here at SPLURGE Central.  If it holds true according to The Lyrics of ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ that someone  will be receiving 5 Golden Rings, so be it:  This is the Hautest and Hottest Ring ever made for the TheTechno Savvy of our Age and Era. As I often wear a bracelet on each wrist in order to make my outfit look CUFFED, I suggest buying 2 of these Rings -- on each Finger.
Less us not forget that previously the #Hashtag was the Pound Sign and The Tick Tack Toe Board.  Evolution never stops. As it shouldn't.
And, for those  savvy Individuals,
Boyfriends, Fiancées and Fashionistas

serious about this RoAR: Ring of All Rings ®,
read more about them online at:
A Special THANK YOU must be extended to
 Caroline Moss,
of Business Insider
who reported this Story,
thus informing
PLM:  People Like Me
 of Something We did not even know existed...
until now. 
That's what Journalism and looking super(b) is all about.   
BTW: I wear Size 7. 

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