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Pie Town USA with Bill Geist. Just when you thought it was safe to go off your Diet. Fruitcake Pie for The Holidays? Spozing they have that one, too! Cast your Vote for what Dessert Company Bill will pick next! The #Chicago_Brand is Eli's Cheesecakes.

National Splurge Day’s The Daily Splurge #162 for Sunday, November 30, 2014 was an Inspiration received from watching CBS Sunday with Charles Osgood and Bill Geist (amongst other Great Journalists)  whose Segment was indeed the tastiest one aired all Week long on any of the major and minor Television Networks.  

In Dessertdom, there are Two Categories:

Those who eat Cake and those who eat Pies. 

Yes, that’s comparable to living in the 1960s when Pop Culture began its Climb.  You either liked The Beatles or The Rolling Stones.  We all seem to gravitate to something our personalities prefer.  That, though, is yet another Segment.

Cake vs. Pie.  Pie vs. Cake. 

And, then:  There are PIES, like you have never seen the Likes of.  If these Pies were given their own FACEBOOK Page, they’d have more likes than the Kardashian Sisters.

LOW AND BEHOLD:  It was Bill’s Assignment to explore a tiny town in New Mexico, simply called PIE TOWN that has two PIE SHOPS.  They alternate being open.    With Pumpkin Pie being the Pie-of-Choice for this Thanksgiving Weekend, the Segment fit in perfectly with feasting.  The week previously on CBS Sunday was their Food Issue.  Broadcasting doesn’t get any tastier than this.  No wonder there are so many Food Shows.  Think about it.  Next up will be one called the

PIE-d PI-p-E-r.

Don’t mind me, there’s something fun and playful and creatively inventing when you’re fortified up on PIE. 

 PiePuns and #Pie_Puns ran rampant, of course.  Cathy Napp and her Mother visited the Area 20 years ago and her Mother was darn tooting’ and determined to keep The Pie Restaurant going.  That’s History as now, People hankering for PIE (as that’s all they sell) come from 300 miles away and as far as Canada on Motorcycles for the ex-P-er-I-enc-E.  Add in the vast, global Coverage CBS is lending to her business and you know darn well, Starbucks' and McDonald's will be opening up shop next.  Let’s hope not. There’s something mighty awesome about not having concrete and steel  anywhere in the  fore-SEE-able distance.  Just being alone with your PIE…that’s good enough for me.

The only Word I can think of to mark this delicious Dessert that can be made out of so many different Fruits (for starters) is:



That’s #hap-PIE in full Twitterese. 

WHICH REMINDS ME OF MY OWN PIE STORY:  Back in the 1990s when I was a Taste Tester for  ‘Nobody does it like Sarah Lee’ in Chicago on North Halsted, I was called in to taste-test or sample 5 Pies.  Yes, my tongue is insured for $1,000,000 back in ‘the day.’ 

Because I was on 1 of my Crazy Diets, I was famished and besides I biked to this Appointment some 5 miles. I had an appetite built up.  Therefore, via my reasoning:  Pie would not really show on my Hips – or would it?  I automatically thought that through the Hidden Passageway where a Pate was pushed through, it would be a spoonful of Pie.  But it wasn’t. Low and behold, the Bounty was a full Slice of Pie, generous at that.  Five (5) full Slices of Pie were the Assignment for the day.  

For those who diet or die, that’s more than half a pie – probably some 4000 calories.  But I had an excuse. I was determining what Pie Flavors would be best. So I enjoyed.  To me, they were all Winners, as the PIE-o-Neer Café proved to us today.

From what I would guess, Bill’s inundated with Offers to be his Assistant when asked to sample another Dessert.  Especially now with Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanzaa on the Horizon, FOOD is on every one’s Menu(s) and Palate(s). 

Could the incomparable Eli’s Cheesecakes of Chicago be next? 

6701 W Forest Preserve Drive - Chicago, Illinois 60634 USA

With a long, rich and satisfying history, fan base, flavors (that are off-the-PIE-charts, we could say) and community service (as Eli’s are most hospitable from giving to the Homeless Shelters to being the Chief Dessert at Galas), I’m guessing they may be. If so, you read it here first.

 Skyline Newspaper and Leah Zeldes, the Food Editor were recruiting Apple Pie Recipes from their Rreadership in conjunction with a Lettuce Entertainment Restaurants’ Fall Event circa 1998.  For those interested in submitting,  a Proposal needed to be presented that would grab the Judges’ Eye as well as the Recipe.  Due to my Story Line, Creative Slant and ‘Apple Pie Font’ I became one of the Contestants at the Mighty Nice Grill, one of their Restaurants in the Water Tower Place in the Heart of Michigan Avenue.  If anything is going to make you feel like Julia Child, it will be an Event like this.  Although I didn’t place, the Competition was a gr-EAT Learning Experience. Later, I remember Leah (now one of my Facebook Friends) approaching me and commenting that she liked the Fact I used more than two opposing types of Apples in my Pie.  If it ‘applies,’ why not.

I didn’t think I would have any Pie Flashbacks today.  That certainly was not on my Schedule.  The Industriousness of People opening up a Pie Place in the Middle of a deserted Area to showcase a Dessert (as PIE) demos the Tenacity and Intensity of the American Spirit where the American Dream and Apple Pie (as well as so many more Varieties) do come true.  And with a Little Luck will get Attention from a major Network.


AND, above all else, it’s pretty amazing how One Dessert can develop into a Blog of its own.  Hail-Hail, PIE.  Being deemed as:


America’s Premier Eventologist’ by Gene Koprowski of Insight Magazine in August of 1997


The Premier Eventologist in the History of the World’ by Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune in January of 2001

I decree that November 30 and every Month thereafter (except February, of course) is:


Pie Pickin’ Day ©2014

Pick-a-Pie or order a Dozen from Pie Town, New Mexico – in the Heart of Bill Geist Country to indulge. 

After all, isn’t the Root Word of P-rem-IE-r – PIE? 

There goes the Diet.  Not necessarily.  Tarts are small Pies and Moderation is key.   At 62 you figure out what and what your Body can’t stand.  Luckily, there’s a PIE to fit each of our Zodiac Signs as well. 

As they say…

OK…as I say:  Now you can have your Pie and eat it, too!  I do have One Quick Question to ask Bill and that is: 

What did you weigh before you visited the Pie Cafes in Pie Town?

Now, as the Day edges on,  you have to admit.  It’s nice to keep to a Theme.  I think I’ll have a Pizza Pie for Dinner and then a Chicken Pot Pie for Monday’s Lunch. I wonder what Pie Flavors would best complement those Entrees?  Betcha Bill has a Segment for that coming up soon.  Now, thanks to Bill Geist, We can have our Pie(s) and eat them, too!

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RESEARCH:  Curious as I always am, I was shocked and disappointed to find that one of the Pie Cafes is closed until March 1, 2015 for Restructuring and the Winter Season. I never thought New Mexico got that cold…I may have been wrong.  But Pie Town does exist and is online.  



ALL ABOUT THE P-Town:  The Diorama - in this case PIE-orama unfolds as: 

Pie Town is an unincorporated community and census-designated place located along U.S. Highway 60 in Catron County, New Mexico, United States. As of the 2010 Census it had a population of 186.
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