Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith ON Domestic Violence. As sent to Oprah Winfrey.

Dear Oprah and Staffers:

Your upcoming show about Rihanna and Domestic Violence against Women has struck a chord with me as I was a victim in Oct. 1988-Feb. 1989. I have a picture of how my 'then-boyfriend' beat me up. If it wasn't through logic and a terrific boss, Mr. Drew Horwitz who is now one of the leading men in Chicago Radio, I may have ended up in my grave, prematurely early of course. After that, I was beat up, robbed and left for dead in the lobby of my home -- on the north side of Chicago. At which time, I began a Crerative Crusade called CARTOONISTS AGAINST CRIME (C)91 where I had cartoonists from across the world help me to TOON OUT CRIME. Mayor Daley even hopped on my bandwagon and made Oct. 25 CARTOONISTS AGAINST CRIME Day.

Today, some 20 years later, I see that:

#1: Domestic Violence (even that done to men by angry women who are out of control) will escalate. After all, it all deals with MONEY and with more and more people getting laid off, the numbers who are going to get baaten if not killed will escalate. That seems to be common sense to me.

#2: If you are attracted to a MATE who shows 'signs' of domestic abuse, chances are if you leave that relationship, you will look and FIND another one who exhibits those characteristics again. It deals with having a strong MALE figure in the family. With so many families lacking in this area, it's easy to see why so many women (and men) are either the VICTIM or VICTIMIZER.

#3: Add in drugs and drinking and in-home fighting is a natural occurrence. I often watch TV News showing the tons and tons of DRUGS that are being shipped into America. These are not just being consumed by druggies on the west side or hookers and pimps on the bad side of town. There are all varieties of WHITE COLLAR folks that crosses all financial means who are hooked on drugs/drinking. These alter a person's take on the world and then violence again enters the picture.

#4: It is especiallysad for young children in the family as they are so easily impressionable.
It's a circle of despair that is not being helped at all by this economy. With more and more people losing their homes to foreclosure and becoming homeless and distraught...having the AMERICAN DREAM go up in a puff of smoke, I predict VIOLENCE of all kinds (in schools, on jobs -- going postal) will become an every day occurrence.

And in a way, it's already begun.

If you'd like more of my IN YOUR FACE comments, just give me a call or email. I hope more programs like yours will air. It doesn't matter if you're a material girl, a singer or a person who just lives on a quiet block on the north side of Chicago -- Violence is here and it needs to be eliminated ONCE & FOR ALL People.

Thanks, Oprah!

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