Monday, March 30, 2009

How do YOU spell Comedy: F R A N C A P O.

Chicago, IL USA: Breaking news from a Dear and Talented Friend from New York just arrived via email that needs to be blogged about. In her very own Words (and since FRAN is clocked as the Fastest Talkin' Woman on The Planet per Guinness Book of World Records), that's something you should know about.

Therefore without further adieu, find out what FRAN is doing next and why TV has just discovered its Latest Comedienne.


HI Guys,Guess what. I'm so excited! You might have heard me talk about this on facebook and twitter but I wanted to put out an official Capo update email.

FRAN CAPO NOW HAS HER OWN TV SHOW!(attached is the radio spot for it!)

I'm co-hosting a fantastic show with my wonderful friend, Donna Drake...its called, Live it Up! with Donna Drake and Fran Capo. (makes sense huh)

Anyway, it starts to air April 3rd 6-7 am on WLNY-TV 10/55 in the tri-state area in 18 million homes. That station runs syndicated programs like Oprah, Dr. Phil, Ellen etc.

(Our commercials for our show are running in between these shows!) The show is about hope, motivation, inspiration and education. It's a magazine format show with finance, fitness, cooking, green, beauty, wellness, entertainment and empowerment segments.We have shot all the first seasons 13 episodes!

My segments are about breaking through fear and peak performance so many of my world record friends came on the show. On the episodes you will see me:Wrestle a sumo wrestler, Balance a bottle of milk on my head, have knives thrown at me, do memory tricks, get conned by the worlds greatest con, eat fire, break an arrow with my neck, become a human canvas and much much more.

My co-Host, Donna Drake has the first guest as James Arthur Ray best selling author from the Secret.It's a show about empowerment helping people to live their dreams. We love doing it.We have several sponsors already but there is room for if you are interested in being one of the sponsors and have a commercial run on air...check out and click on the Live it Up! Logo it tells you all about it.

(Just as a side note...TV 10/55 is the only independent television station serving the New York Market, providing local, regional and national advertisers with one of the most powerful, cost-effective opportunities to reach the largest possible audience in the New York DMA.

Can you tell I'm excited!

For those of you not in the area segments will be shown on the


Anyway, tons of more good news about Antarctica, Jamaica, the radio show going national, my 11thbook....but we'll leave it at this for now!Speak soon.Please spread the word...tweek it, facebook it...all that social networking stuff.Create a great day,

Fran Capo
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