Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Koopersmith on Racism in Chicago. The White, Black & Gray of it.

Chicago, IL USA: With so many books being published, you'd think there would be more studies done on why People are racist? Living in a big city, the Prejudice begins early, as children go to school and see others. Either they have IT or they don't have it. If one 'Race' has the TOY, and another doesn't a certain amount of Yearning begins to formulate. It's a sad commentary, but all so true. This continues on through Life and the Mark is left not only between People, but also can be found between the Genders, men and women as well as sexual persuasion -- that is, Gay vs. Straights, as well as Young Old and those somewhere lost in-between.

With an economy that is running out of control and people struggling, you would think that their GOODness Gene would kick in and help alleviate the Pain and Discrepancies that are eating up the Human Race. After all, it is the Human Race and none other, if you want to draw precise conclusions. If Mankind all turned blind, would he suddenly not become racist. That's an interesting question. Smell may become the latest 'decisive' element that causes a rift between People. Hopefully a severe situation will not have to happen to bind Men of all Colors together, but then -- if that is what it takes to open their eyes, that may be Man's only Savings' Grace.

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