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ASK on Earth Hour: 2009 - According to GORF: Earth Hour is 60 Minutes of Wasted Time.

Update for 2009. With no thoughts changing on this ludicrous Event since last year, the following is a detailed BLOG on how that extra hour can be better used to the greater cause of the Planet and its People and Creatures that call it home.

Original posted onFriday, March 28, 2008

According to GORF: Earth Hour is 60 Minutes of Wasted Time.

deemed as:
‘Chicago’s First Green Mascot’
‘Illinois’ Foremost Goodwill Toy Ambassador’
‘America’s Greenest Mascot’ &
‘Mankind’s Most Beloved Toy’

states that Earth Hour (sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund – is slated as the ‘Darkest Hour’ when people (in some 217 Cities across the Planet) are urged to turn off all the(ir) lights (in their homes and businesses both) to make a Collective Statement about Climate Change.

However, at this highly pivotal point in Fleeting Time (March of 2008), smart and savvy People (which We all like to be known as) already know that Statements have been made; much work has been done and We consciously know that certain precautions must be taken to save our Environment…or else.

"Turning off the lights is ludicrous," states THE FROG, a Species that has spent 217 million years on Earth, even outliving the Mighty Dinosaur.


Q: Are hospitals turning off lights and respiration machines?

Q: If an emergency ambulance vehicle is racing off to a hospital on a dark city street, could it be the cause of a worse accident or paralyzing experience?

It’s been a known Fact for decades (by Criminologists and Sociologists) now that once the ‘lights go off’ the Crime Rates rises. City Streets are hazardous enough not to keep ‘the lights on’ for that reason alone.

The only Positive that could beneficially come of this Event is that 9 months later, a slew of Babies will be born. A few cents will be saved on the month's Com Edison Tab.

“This Green/Eco Concept was NOT thought out well enough…at all,” GORF summarizes. “It would be better if for that Designated Hour, Retail Stores gave Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs away, which by all standards, are extremely expensive to the average American - European - Asian - African and Chicagoan these Days."


“If you do want to make a Difference – a significant One – instead of turning off the Lights on Saturday, March 29, 2008 from 8-9 PM, GORF suggests that the Hours be changed from 8-9 AM when Individuals and Families (both) clean up their neighborhoods; plant a flower bed and/or clean out a closet. That Practice is much more do-able and can be completed in ‘broad daylight’ without using a single light-bulb and potentially causing more havoc than the Planet or its People really need. Plus, once an Exercise like this is started, it can last many more Hours – than a nightly Event which is quite tiring to those who have been ‘up’ for most of the Day.”

GORF (a/k/a: THE GRIN REAPER ®) is the Brainchild of Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, a Chicago Personality known as 'America's Premier Eventologist' (by Insight Magazine of Washington, DC in August of 1997) who has deemed:


as THE DECADE OF THE FROG with GORF officiating.

For more ecoGreen GORFisms ® on Nature;
to interview GORF for a Radio/TV Show;
to have GORF be a guest at your company commenting on Energy Saving Devices, etc.; and
how We can all participate in the GREENING OF THE GALAXY ®,


To reiterate:

ACCORDING TO GORF: "Earth Hour is 60 Minutes of Wasted Time."

If anything useful does come of this Event, perhaps the Media Coverage devoted to this 'Hour' will spur you to think and develop your own ways on dealing with and focusing on how to empower the Earth.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Energizer® Keep Going® Hall of Fame 2008 searches for Individuals of Perseverence & Determination

Energizer® Keep Going® Hall of Fame
embodies Perseverance & Determination

Visualization is what one of the Contributors at my Tuesday Writer’s Group says about the Art of Writing. With that in mind, when I reread the Entry Statement to Energizer’s Hall of Fame Contest (previously backed by the context of a highly ailing and recessionary Economy where the Bear in Bear Stearns whimpered out of control last week), I ‘envisioned’ (thanks to this applicable Method), the rosy Rabbit rising like a Phoenix, each Day no matter what The Odds are.

Despite the Weather…
Despite Monetary Enslavement…
Despite Parental Control…
Despite reckless Relationships…
Despite Neglect, Rejection & Abandonment… and
Despite that 3RD helping of Mashed Potatoes,
there you have it. Another Contest that seeks to single-out an Individual who tries their hardest and darndest to succeed, regardless of the complicating Odds that he or she is facing.

The Focal Point of The eBunny (that’s my new Nomenclature for the “Energizer Bunny” in an Electronic Age) is that “The Hare” is backed by a solid Product Line that keeps beating to the Sounds of his own Drum and thus powers-up People’s Lives in every Direction possible, making N.E.W.S. (that is: North – East – West – South).

Is HARENERGIZER ® the only Pop Culture Icon found in Wikipedia?

Possibly not, but HARENERGIZER ® (another Koopersmithian Ad Term) definitely has a Fan Base of Billions of Satisfied Customers over the last Two Decades. This Fact must bring a Smile of Pleasure and Reassurance (both) to those who work with The eBunny every Day…from the Upper Echelon Magnets like William P., Ward and J. Patrick to the Paint Company that carefully and methodically stirs the correct Amounts of Red and White Dyes to arrive at the exact Hue-Tone The Bunny is immediately identified by.

There’s never been an eBunny Recall.

That Fact alone is enough of a Marketing Strategy that could hop away with High Honors and Awards at any Electronics Show(place). And you read it here F.I.R.S.T., Folks.

Easter arrives early this year…

‘THE ENERGIZER’s KEEP YOU GOING HALL OF FAME CONTEST’ closes on the First Full Day of Spring on Good Friday and Purim, Two (2) Days shy of Easter Sunday. The Bunny, no doubt, crosses over to all Peoples which is reassuring as Energy is needed by Everyone these Days. Multi-Tasking can and really does wear a Person out and takes its Toll. Entire Magazines, Newsreels and Blogs are penned about the Topic of Fatigue and Tiredness.

HOW I PERCEIVE THE ENERGIZER EXPERIENCE: By subtlety and subliminally even using the Word ‘Energizer’ on a Product Line or Brand, an Individual is instantly powered-up to know that the Best is yet to come in an invigorating and vibrant manner.

While growing up, Baby Boys would receive Blue Toys. Baby Girls would find their Cribs filled with Pink Toys. Some Parents cautiously stuck to White or Yellow Toys, but no matter what Bunny, Bear, Cat or Dog Toys are, their Popularity is as prevalent now as it was Generations ago.

One of my first Stuffed Toys was a Pink Bunny haunched on his back two paws who is now 50 years old, a glorious Vintage Relic by all means. “BUNN” happily and proudly sits in my Toy Room known as The PROP-a-torium ® as I’m a TOY Stylist and (needless to say) is one of the Motivational Start-Ups of my Day.

Obsessed with Self and Self-Preservation, I find that I’m the Perkiest Person I know. I’ve been told that ‘Comment’ for Decades by Teachers, Co-Workers, Friends and Relatives. Even Strangers I’ve met on-the-street can easily and immediately tell that Disposition by my Special(ized) Way of Speaking and Conducting myself. It’s not an Act, a Show or a Put-On. I’m just raw Brunette Ambition-in-Action who, throughout the Decades of Growth & Discovery, never:


allowing me to be as resourceful, clear-minded, creative and high-powered as The Energizer Bunny ® without fail. Up at The Crack of Dawn, I schedule a full-day which is always taken in stride as I peddle around Chicago on my Bike…bright Pink, of course.

‘ALL SYSTEMS GO’ is how We should run our Days. Today, with the Green Movement of:

Recycling, Reusing & Recharging

in full swing, there’s no better Avenue for a Person to be ‘fully energized’ like the pink ‘n peppy eBunny himself as they pursue and undertake their (own) Plans and Projects.

Could the Energizer Bunny (known as E.B. to his Friends and Chief Bunny Officer) begin his own ecoGREEN Program? Most definitely. “THE PINK ENERGIZER BUNNY GOES GREEN” definitely would grab the Media’s Attention.

Peering back over the last 18 Years alone, I’ve had created 50 Books/Manuscripts and have launched Literary and Humanitarian Campaigns as:

Cartoonists Against Crime ©1991
Cartoonists Against Terrorism ©2001
Eventology ® with 1,700+ HOLIDATES ® attached

“Things (just) don’t get done, they get done with Charisma,
Action and Appeal paid to the fine(st) Points.”
“Things don’t get done:
Life isn’t lived to its fullest if you are not energized.”

Quote of: ASK
Wednesday, March 19, 2008 – 7:51 AM

The Patterns We set and make for Ourselves show how We’ve lived our Life. Being as energized as the nimble eBunny and ‘BUNN’, my very own Pink Toy Rabbit (that’s been Part & Parcel of Adrienne’s Antiques And Attic for a very long time) fervently verify that every Day rocks, rolls and reels with pure Energy (NRG).


For someone who’s already been discovered, is beloved and represents a fine Example of a Person(ality) who boldly embodies Perseverance and Determination, just flick your Remote Control to ABC Channel 7 on Sunday Evenings with Ty Pennington of Extreme Home Makeover. There’s an Individual who is so charged up on Life that he (by far) makes most People ‘exhausted’ just by watching him on his pre-taped Program.

The Energizer Bunny ® is in the Company of other Furry Greats. To keep in balance with The Spring Season, to name a few others from the Historical Lot of Hares and Rabbits, We have:

Bionic Rabbit, Brer Rabbit, Bugs Bunny, Bunnicula, Bunny Rabbit, Buster Bunny, Captain Carrot, Crusader Rabbit, the Easter Bunny, Fluffytail, Frank, Funny Bunnies, Jessica Rabbit, Lola Bunny, Mr. Bun, Mr. Floppy, the Nesquik Rabbit, Ninja Rabbits, Peppy Hare, Peter Cottontail, Peter Rabbit, Reader Rabbit, Ricochet Rabbit, Robo-Rabbit, Roger Rabbit, The Trix Rabbit, The Velveteen Rabbit, The White Rabbit, Thumper and Wonder Wabbit.

From the Science Annals, We see that the Rabbit Order is: Lagomorpha

The Rabbit’s Family is: Leporidae

The Rabbit’s Genus is: Oryctolagus

The Rabbit’s Species is: cuniculus

Lago is Greek for Rabbit. Lepus is Latin for Hare. Cuniculus is Latin for Rabbit.

Then, of course, there’s the Pink Panther, but he’s not in the same Energizing Class as E.B. is!


Probably one of the nicest and most sincere Compliments I’ve received from many People (throughout the years) is that I don’t look my Age. As of March, 2008, many of these People have erased 28 years off my Life; however, I have enjoyed each Day, Month, Year and Decade via my own Plan of Verve, Vim, Vigor & Energy (which evidently works).

E.B.’s Motto may be: KEEP GOING but here on West Rosemont (which seems to be an appropriate Color for the Street that I live on), I prefer revising the Slogan to:


“The Gene for Childhood Exuberance
has carried over with me into Adulthood…
with that same unyielding Momentum, Courage, Finesse and Discipline
The Energizer Bunny ® has.
That’s the Best Company to keep company with.”

Thursday, March 20, 2008 - 8:32 AM CST

ROLE MODELS WHO ARE ‘IN THE PINK’: Furthermore, with both Eyes intently gazing into The Future, I insist and intend to persistently be as energized as I have been…like the Energizer Bunny, a fine Model to jump-start every Day left. Who could ‘ask’ for more?


* ADRIENNE SIOUX KOOPERSMITH is a Graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, the Global Headquarters of Energizer Holdings Inc.

Written & Submitted by:

“People read what ADRIENNE writes about…”
Chicago, Illinois USA

©1979-2008. ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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