Friday, July 10, 2009

FAUX FUR FRIDAY -- Event #28 of The Year...

Chicago, IL USA: A funny thing happened to me on my Way to celebrating FAUX FUR FRIDAYS for July 10, 2009. I realized one of the first Times I wore Faux Fur 'out' -- to a Party in which I had not been invited, but 'darn' I looked great, which was probably 1 of the main reasons I was 'allowed' to enter.

The Story goes like this:

I was invited to an Apartment Party by a co-worker (we will call him Robert LaBianca as that was his name circa 1984 when I held a straight Job at the AMA: American Medical Assn.). Robert lived 'downtown' in a High Rise Building, meaning lots of other people lived there. When I got to the building, I buzzed in. Someone answered my ring and told me to 'come up to a certain apartment number.' I trotted up, looking quite elegant in my Faux Fur -- Leopard Pants and Matching Jacket and talked to the Host who I 'assumed' was Robert's Roommate. He got me a drink and I proceeded to sit down, waiting for Robert to appear. At which time, I chatted with a few of the other guests. Small Talk, basically. As we spoke more, one of them asked me how I knew "George" -- the person hosting The Party.

"George?" I asked.

"George," they answered.

"Oh," I exclaimed in pure wonderment, "This is NOT the Apartment of Robert LaBianca?"

"No!" they laughed in unison. "He lives 5 floors up."

"Gosh, I'm at the WRONG Party," I shockingly stated, setting down my drink and searching the room for the Host so I could tell him 'thanks...however, I'm on the wrong Floor."

As I high-tailed out of there, I had to laugh. I blended in SO well, with my Faux Fur Outfit...I could have spent the entire evening there...Crashing Parties in Faux Fur is easy...and the New Friends you meet there may last for a lifetime.

And, oh, yes, Robert did wonder why I took SO long in making 'My Entrance.'


ALSO: As of Today, I have biked 2,500 Miles as I peddled through Evanston, IL, a lovely tree-lined Community that is extremely accessible on a Bike, the only way to travel.

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