Friday, July 17, 2009

Koopersmith reports on: Faux Fur Fridays #29...

Chicago, IL USA: As an unseasonable Trend, The Weather is cooling off here in the City and that almost automatically makes you think of your Winter Wardrobe, one that is replete in Faux Fur Coats, Sweaters, Dresses and so much attire it's hard to mention -- if not to wear it all. Furthermore, it's a classic case of going back to school and the (dreaded) thought that once July 4TH passes, the Summer is half over. With cooler weather setting in to Chicagoland for the weekend, Dressing takes on another Dimension -- one where you wish to be fashionable, but also warm.

If The Weather is too demanding on your wardrobe, you can always check out Malls, Movie Theatres and Restaurants where an escape is always a pleasant surprise. Furthermore, this weekend, world renown Pop Artist Peter Max will be in Cook County - namely

Wentworth Galleries in Woodfield Mall - Schaumburg, IL
Saturday, July 18, 2009 - 1-4 PM
Details can be gotten at: #847-995-1190

As a Trend-setter (and keeping to the theme presented above), Peter, as we all (should know) was the Main Artist for The Woodstock Music Fest that defined a Generation -- which will be celebrating its 40TH Anniversary shortly. Therefore, to instill Great Art in your Children -- or for your home and office, stop in to see Peter as he only makes it out to 'these parts' on a yearly basis.

And while doing it, wear some of your Faux Fur...

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