Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Biking Record for The Aged: 2700 Miles in 14 Months...

Chicago, IL USA:

I am proud to say, I have now reached 2700 Miles on my Bike today nearing the 7:45 AM Mark in Fleeting Time @ The El Stop of Granville Blvd.-- a Record for some People and definitely a record if you want to take into consideration my Age -- 56, going on 57 in a matter of 11 days. But that's what keeps me invigorated as as 'Fred' says makes me look like the leaner side of 35.

As the Founder of:

AFSEE: Advocates For Senior Equality & Enrichment (C)2002,

I oft-times enjoy talking about how Seniors and Senioritas do not have to be pigeon-holed into the OLD Slot. One of the ways to do this is via Bicycling - alone or with a group of cohorts.

While Biking a few days ago, I was parked by a woman bicyclist who had a horn that turned out to be a rubberized Buddha. It was the funniest character you could ever imagine and as she pulled away, I asked her if she 'dressed him' for Halloween. With his pudgy belly, you'd think he could exercise some of the flab off - but it definitely was a conversation piece. Not all cyclists adorn their bikes; or themselves for that matter. Some bikes are used for peddling; others for sport enthusiasts; some for transporational purposes only and others just for the sheer excitement and fun of letting loose.

No matter what your preferred Way of Transport it, hopefully (for the Environment's Sake) it is done on 2 wheels.

One the count of 3: Start Peddling ®.

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