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Koopersmith on: The ONLY IN AMERICA Project @ The National Museum of American Jewish History

Chicago, IL USA:

THE ONLY IN AMERICA Project that is being undertaken by the National Museum of American-Jewish History in Phil, PA sounds like an incredibly great opportunity to shine The Spotlight on many well-deserving Jewish-Americans who have contributed to The Humanitarian Cause regardless of the Trials & Tribulations that 'We' -- Society and Mankind -- face every Day that, of course, includes Racism, Prejudice & Bigotry - so un-needed in our Day & Age.

I know (as I am Jewish) that the Number 18 is significant in Jewish Lore, but it seems TOO small of a number. If I had the fun part of running this Segment of their Museum in Philly, I would pick the top industries as Medicine, Science, Math, Education, Veterinarian Medicine, Scholastica, Inventors, Astronomy, Artists, Communicators, Homemakers, Chefs, etc. and pick (at least) 180 from each Category, still symbolic of the Number 18, but rightfully giving Credit where it is due, long over-due in some cases.

The Historical Greats that are already known as: Einstein, The Marx Bros, etc. can and should be in a Category of their own and their 'Count' should not interfere with an up and coming Jewish American Contingency who should receive well-deserved Accolades to continue their Valiant Efforts in their chosen Field(s). In other words: New Blood for a New Millennium.

That Way, not only could a 'Wall' of Honorables from each Industry and Segment be set up, but a Book could be released (comparable to the Marquis' Who's Who in...) that could serve as an Educational Primer and Sales Item or Memorabilia) at the Gift Shop as well as a taught in Schools. Perhaps even a Documentary could be later done to show the Selectees 'in action.'

After all, the MORE the Merrier. The 1900-2000s have been a very difficult and turbulent Era for Society with 6 needless but major Wars being fought across The World and it is reassuring (as well as humbling) to know that People - ie: Humanity (gentiles, atheists, agnostics, et. al. included) can 'work past' these unbearable Conflicts & Atrocities and concentrate on making the World a much better place for all of us, who all share the SAME DNA & Skin.

The Reason I am stating it in this detailed manner is that I finished completing my latest Book (a Compilation of 50 years of Knowledge, Insights and overt Observations), entitled:

How 10 Beloved Plush Toys Redefine Race (C)2009

whose 45 Subjects/Themes/Topics deal with Oppression and how this Situation gravely affects us all, no matter what SKiN Tone & Relgion We were born. ONLY IN AMERICA has every Earmark of a Catalyst -- and I would not be surprised if other Museums -- or even as a global Elementary School Assignment -- could pick up the Concept and run with in!

Quick, tell me: "When's the Opening?" I wouldn't want to miss it!


ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith'
America's Premier Eventologist'
'The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World'
Author: SKiN (C)2009
Chicago, IL USA

Posted: 7-12-9 - 9:25 AM CST

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