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Koopersmith Notes Anniversary Date of 2000 Days Before 2000

Chicago, IL USA: Back on July 11, 1994 I began one of my most significant


called: 2000 Days Before 2000 (C)1994

which received international attention, because we were all counting down to the greatest Event of the Millennium - the Turning of the 20TH Century into the 21st. My premise starting on July 11, 1994 was to 'do' one thing a day so that by December 31, 1999 you could say you successfully did '2000 things before 2000.' Needless to say, this Koopersmithian Exercise was a way to break and crack bad habits and to stop the Plight of Procrastination once and for all.

With so many people following its Disciplines and wanting to continue down the right Path or Road, I then created '2000 Days AFTER 2000' (C)1997 so they could follow suit. Now, that it is significantly past that Holidate's Finale, there's no reason not to plan for the next:

3000 Days Before 3000

Well, we could let the Granchildren worry about that one, but since there will be no off-spring to carry on my EVENTOLOGICAL CALLING, Scribes will just have to keep the Sentiment alive, as I work on other projects of which my most recent is the Book/Script called:

How 10 Beloved Plush Toys Redefine Race (C)2009

It is my sincere hope that this Copy gets picked up by a Hollywood Movie Dynamo who can really bring IT to life. That is this week's project. As you may recall the entire month of May was devoted to the Promotions of:

How 10 Beloved Plush Toys Redefine Race (C)2009

On Sunday, July 12, 2009 I will be appearing at UnCommon Grounds, a coffee/conversation hang-out not far from Cubs Field reading a chapter -- the first of many literary events I plan to undertake for the furtherment of such a great topic, that in part is more than ever in the foreground of our days, namely because

of President Obama


of the recent and untimely Death of Michael Jackson,

both who addressed so much towards Understanding amongst all People. My Contribution to this cause is different as once the Book is read a person will instantly not be bigoted again. It's time has surely come.

And for those of us celebrating Birthdays, one old friend comes to mind...and that is Rob Becker who wrote and performed in DEFENDING THE CAVEMAN, a popular stage play. I recall Rob saying his birthday was July 11th -- which is the Anniversary Date of

2000 Days Before 2000

and without further adieu, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Rob and all those who are completing all their Tasks and Passions - as there is no time like The Present.

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