Thursday, July 2, 2009

Koopersmith sets another Biking Record at 56.

Chicago, IL USA: You don't need to be (another) Lance Armstrong to enjoy Bike Riding. Biking is not a race, as it's been turned into. It's whatever you make it out to be. In my case, I bike for several reasons:

Confidence Building
to alleviate Guilt...

after all, if you are an avid Biker/Bicyclist and make it a daily part of your regiment, the guilt of eating something decadent lessens and shows 'less' on the scale. This is a great feeling that could help Americans reduce and become healthy the Facts are now appearing as to the States of Mississippi and Alabama having problems with Food Consumption.

Inactivity is a sad plight -- Biking relieves that instantly.

As a matter of fact, it is with great pride that as of 8:40 AM today in Evanston, IL I reached:

2400 miles

on my 3-speed. Those speeds are: Slower - Slower - Slowest -- the Speeds I'm most comfortable with. Since May 29, 2008, slightly over a year, I managed to peddle 2400 miles without even leaving the State...this indeed is a record -- one that you can do also...block by block.

More facts on: Biking your Weigh out of Obesity will be presented upon my next Milestone of 2500 miles...Estimated Time of Pedding: July 20TH...

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