Thursday, January 7, 2010

Everything you ever wanted to ask ASK about SKiN: The Book & Script. #7

Chicago, IL USA:

Wake up, America and smell the coffee! It's 2010. It's 145 years after the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation and yet the cover story headlines (along with a photo) in the ever popular Chicago Sun-Times (The Windy's City Second Biggest Newspaper)reads as:

LAW SUIT: Racism derails CTA

and features the latest breaking news about how public transportation (mainly buses) are being rerouted and others closed down in neighborhoods where Blacks and Latinos live, not allowing them to get to their jobs (or other events) in an expeditious way and safe manner - a sure-fire sign of overt Discrimination. Shocking News as this is, it is indeed true because I see it first hand every day, being a resident of Chicago since 1974. Not only have the prices of bus fare gone up consistently (although wages have not) from 45 cents to an astronomical $2.25 for a one-way ticket/ride, but bus routes have been eliminated in neighborhoods where Black & Latinos live which causes undue problems for these Families as well as their children who need to commute.

That is yet another VIR: Very Important Reason why:

SKiN: Sacred Kinship in Nature ™
How 10 Beloved Plush Toys Redefine Race ©2009

is such a timely 'Read' that needs to be studied and analyzed closely by not only grade school children but every person who has ever felt prejudiced or experienced this kind of Hate and Bias which is my Acronym for:

Bad Interaction Against Species ®.

Discrimination (as this) must be addressed and eliminated once and for all. After all, the bottom line will always remain:

We're all in the same SKiN.

CLOSING: Please stay tuned for another Segment of defining SKiN ©2009 tomorrow, which will be a Month-long Blog Series of KOOPERSMITHin'® celebrating the First Year Anniversary of the Composition of this Book and Movie Script.

Quote of ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Author: SKiN: Sacred Kinship in Nature (TM)
How 10 Beloved Plush Toys Redefine Race ©2009

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