Thursday, March 3, 2011

Countdown to Rango...a GORE VERBINSKI Cinematic Production

It's coming. It's coming soon! Rango. If you live in th Midwest (of the USA), it will be here in 1 day and 40 minutes. In the meantime, I went online to read more about how the movie is made & found this intriguing Answer that GV: Gore Verbinski (Rango's Director) made at:
written by Film Critic:
JOE WILLIAMS of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Posted on Thu, Mar. 03, 2011 08:32 AM

"The big difference is that with live action, you're given these gifts from your talented actors and you hope to capture them on camera. In animation, you do very little real-time reaction to what's happening. Everything is preconceived in your frontal lobe. I spent 16 months storyboarding this movie with pencil sketches. Then getting it on screen is all minutia, minutia, minutia, fabricating one pixel at a time. But at the end, we want it to feel organic, as if there really is a 6-foot lizard in a desert town, and I'm there with a camera on my shoulder to capture what happens."

It's always in the detail and minute steps that finally get the Movie to the Screen - but how simple it looks to us who don't really appreciate the Process! What a great way to start out the Month of March...

and I must say that for those of you who fall in love with the Chameleon Toy, Folkmanis Handpuppets ( has a very similar TOY for those of you who want to PLAY. With BORDERS crossing across the USA now -- these prized puppets are 20% off -- that frees you up to see RANGO a few more times -- or to purchase it on DVD when that time comes!

Finish reading the rest of Gore's article at:

I read Joe's commentary about TOY STORY back in June -- he's a great film journalist - he seems to know what to ask when the time is write. I give his writing a 2 thumbs up, comparable to GV's directing skills!

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Countdown to Rango: 1 Day 27 Minutes


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