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ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith's iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS: Blog Release of March 12, 2011.

February 27, 2011
Chicago, Illinois USA


“Like ANTS. They like you.”

Tuesday, March 8, 2011 – 7:59 AM

The most misunderstood Creature on The Planet (that’s PLANET, of course) is THE ANT. For those of you who guessed that correct ANTswer (that’s ‘Answer’ in Humanese), by all means give yourself a Pat (i.e.: pANT) on The Back. Soon, you are to learn a New Perspective about Life, all taken from The APoV: ANTS’ Point of View.

Chronologically, ANTS go back 130,000,000 years, outliving The Dinosaur by 65,000,000 years, even though ANTS are a Smidgen of the Mighty Lizards’ gigANTic Size. Man’s History is surely miniscule compared to The ANT’s Past. That Statement must be further clarified as ANT Life registers as a ‘Prehistory’ since Sundials, Clcks, Watches and Timepieces were not invented, yet every Act(ion) was performed in a conscientious State and timely Manner. How could that Function possibly be? There’s no inferANTS or inference to BEES in this Case. ANTS are The Topic here and the relevANT Answers to any and every Question are easily found Online, in your Backyard and at your Family Picnics. ANTS live ‘local’ (‘locally’ in proper English), but work global(ly). Teamwork is hot-wired into their Brain that has kept THE ANTS center-stage in Nature, acting as Nature’s Farmer in The Realm We call Life. Like Humans, they come in a Variety of lively and lovely Colors, Hues, Shades and SKiN Tones.

ANTS (Arthropoda Insecta Hymenoptera Apocrita Vespoidea Formicidae in old Latin1) are agile. Their Flexibility and Demeanor have allowed them The Privilege to be InhabitANTS of our Planet Earth for ne of the lengthiest Periods of Time, equating to:

1,560,000,000 Months calculated in Human Time

47,450,000,000 Days calculated in Human Time (a 365-Day Year)
47,482,500,000 Days calculated in Human Time (a 366-Day/Leap Year)

1,138,800,000,000 Hurs calculated in Human Time (a 365-Day Year)
1,139,580,000,000 Hurs calculated in Human Time (a 366-Day/Leap Year)

68,328,000,000,000 Secnds calculated in Human Time (a 365-Day Year)
68,374,800,000,000 Secnds calculated in Human Time (a 366-Day/Leap Year)


Who else can play Hide & Go Seek as easily as ANTS do? When Size doesn’t matter, We suddenly see that it does. Even the minutest of Creatures can have the BIGGEST Minutes and MomANTS on Earth. When Size does matter, We suddenly see that Bulk or Matter exerts a Force that affects The Course of each Kingdom it connects (with). Grounded in Teamwork, THE ANT FAMILY of Muckety Muck ProvANTS (that’s ‘Province’ to English-speaking Populations) know the great Tasks that lay ahead of them. That is exactly what I, ADRiENNE SiOUX KOOPERSMiTH poignANTly & elequANTly depict in iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS©2009-2010, a multi-level Fable – STORY – Script whose Fur Premises symbolize racy Topics that forge Front Page News & Headlines. Those Subjects spotlight:

 eliminating Racism;

 dispelling The Mixed Signals and Ironies of every Day Life;

 realizing fully that your (false and irrationally made) Prejudgments should be
diligently avoided at all Costs & Efforts; and

 getting to The Heart of what really matters is all that matters most.

To Scores of People throughout Time, ANTS were born to get under your SKiN and give you ‘The Creeps.’ With a wrongfully fixed Mindset as this securely in place, what possible Lessons and Values could Humans (stoutly judging themselves to be a far Superior Race) then learn from such a SMALL Species? As my Writing expanded, other Writers and The Media began asking:
What compelled me to choose ANTS
to battle against such ingrained, Social Human Dilemmas & Injustices?

In response, I stated: “The ANTS’ Cuteness, Cooperation and Chronology served as my Top 3 Criteria in selecting a Creature that could properly tell this STORY, a Tale based and founded in Truth.”

After all, Humans were brought up to believe that ANTS were:

Born to bug.
Born to picnic.
Born to invade and
Born to endure.

Born 130,000,000 years ago, ANTS now set a Prime Example in:


a willful STORY explaining how Size, Color & Wits matter in Nature, for the Survival of The Species and those (about them) that they assist and affect. At times, this Role can give-off the Wrong Signals causing Mixed Messages to occur and confuse. Getting to know The Real ANTS of Muckety-Muck ProvANTS allows The Observer (Reader, Viewer and/or Audience Member) to gain a privileged Insider’s vANTage Point of what happens in ANT-dom, seldom revealed until now. Keeping thematic Boundaries harmonically in place, ‘Getting To Know You’ by Rodgers and Hammerstein (the 1951 Show Tune from the Musical, The King and I)2 plays quietly in The Background for this Segment in The Scene. ‘ANTicipation’ by Carly Simon is, of course, The ANThem of iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS©2009 for the most obvious of Reasons, Chords and Lyrical ContANT. So LITTLE in Stature, yet they do so much, ANTS aerate the Ground that grows every Creature’s Food on Planet Earth, the Food that keeps every Life Form fit. All without a Plow, a Tractor, a Hoe, a Pitchfork, a Sickle or a Shovel.

ENTER: True to form, many early Tales have a ‘Giant’ in them. Becoming steadfast Friends, GiANT is ‘in The Company’ (constANT Company) of ANTS as We all are. That Camaraderie comprises 1 of the 2 Reasons why this Title was selected for both The Script and Manuscript. As Destiny plays a major Part, the Tw Major Forces, Mother Nature & Father Time make this Life – our Life – ‘be as it is’ and ‘come what it may’ for every Creature who flies, crawls, walks, swims and/or slithers about.

ENTER: Completing this Triangle, the Third ComponANT is Aesop. Great Literary ‘GiANTs’ are always needed to record & relay The Meaning & Message for all Genes, Gene Pools & Generations to grasp and grip. It’s plain to see. Nothing is held back. Look about you. We are all iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS. Watch where you step.

The top-ranking 10 ANT-icular Questions Journalists are most likely to ask are:

 Who are these ANTS?

 What could THE ANTS’ possible ‘Hidden Agenda’ be?

 What Secrets are these ANTS not divulging?

 Where do THE ANTS go when their ‘Going’ gets tough?

 Why do ANTS act and react as they do?

 What do ANTS innately know that Humans don’t?

 With Cement, Brick & Mortar abounding, what’s The Future hold for THE ANT?

 The most pressing Question asked is: Why do so many Species want them to disappear when ANTS are The Crux – The LifeBlood – of how The Planet operates and sustains Life?

 Is Man’s Attitude toward THE ANT sheerly a Jealous Gene or a half-witted Prejudgment based upon their AppearANTS, being differANT than We (meaning outside/hateful/vengeful) Species are?

 Plainly and simply: What is their STORY?

A random and awkward Act of Slipping causes GiANT to meet THE ANT FAMILY (consisting of 31 ANTS). Neither of them had any Inkling that such an IncidANT would occur. Sometimes, even Surprises are surprising. Unbeknownst to them all, a Friendship sparks from this Encounter sealing their Fate and yielding a fANTastic Tale that needs to be told.

On Day 2 of their AdveNTure, together THE ANTS & GiANT journey into the far, far, far Reaches of The ProvANTS of Muckety Muck to visit Mother Nature and Father Time. Aesop, The STORY Teller appears as their Special Guest and for a very good Reason. Under Aesop’s Guiding Hnd, Encouragement and Instruction, they weave a unique Fable of their own about how The anciANT TrojANT War was waged and staged. ANTS were at The Helm, of course. Who else could there possibly ‘BE?’ When you are outnumbered, you are outnumbered, no matter what Size you’ve grown to BE. This frolicking Flick is for The Glorification of ANTS. BEES appeared in a previous Show circa October, 2007 starring the beaming Barry B. Benson. The 21ST Century is spotlighted as The Era of The Insect. With Film + Animation as popular as ever, any Creature can become an instANT SuperStar, proving to Man that We are, indeed, all ne and not ‘apart,’ but ‘a Part’ of ‘The Whole.’ Later, they travel back home to The Meadow bordering The Muckety Muck of ProvANTS, the Stomping Grounds of THE ANTS and so many & much more after learning Valuable Lessons at Mother Nature’s Towering Obelisk.

You may wonder: How does being so SMALL affect an ANT’s Livelihood? The First Rule of ANT-enna (that’s comparable to ANT Thumbs) is that SMALL does not mean insignificANT and inconsequANTial in ANT--PIA®. Being so SMALL as ANTS are, it’s surprising Humans know as much as they do about their Colonized Wrld. Certainly, there can’t be any Fossilized ANT Bones (hardened in Limestone or Shale) left to study and behold. Or are there? Studies have been done. Drops of bona fide Amber Juice have preserved several ANTS throughout their long Reign on Earth. If ANTS were to suddenly become extinct, The BalANTS of Nature would be thrown-off radically, snuffing & suffocating Life as We know it. Call that Locale ‘The Forbidden Zone.’ ANTS serve every Creature of every MeasuremANT. Think seriously now about this CommANTary:

When was the last Time you walked acrss a Blade of Grass; hid in The Cracks of a City’s concrete Sidewalk or quickly slid between The Bark of a blossoming Bush? Respecting Nature is an unspoken but acknowledged CommandmANT that must be practiced.


We’re all here for a Purpose. From the SMALLEST Molecule to the LARGEST Mammoth, Life on Earth began with a Single-Cell Purpose to live the best Life possible. Look about you! Every Creature has its own Style and System ruled by The Imprints of Nature and aided by Gravity, Time and Space. This Process grows, whether you are an inch or a mile-high in Stature. These Innate Dynamics openly contain the IngrediANTS & ElemANTS of a powerful STORY, ready to be told, aptly entitled: iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS ©2009-2010.


Sometimes that Purpose is not plain to see, especially so…if you are differANT. That DifferANTS primes you for special Jobs and Services that makes your Days special and fly-on-by. The most obvious, of course, stands out boldly while the most un-obvious fades into The Background. Each Body serves an important Purpose.
In the Life Cycle of a Species, Color, Sex, Size and Opinion are the most spectacular ‘Differences’ that are immediately encountered in the PAPWU: Plant-Animal-People Wrld & Universe. Yet, if We take The Time granted and given to us by Father Time to closely examine what each Creature is all about, We will see that We all have Hearts-Souls-Minds wrapped in SKiN that serves a distinct Purpose & presANTed by astute Methods that aid in Survival by joining (all of us) together…making those Differences similar in Nature: Mother Nature.

“The only Difference between Species is in The Packaging.
The World would be
pathetically boring
if We were all Cookie Cutter Clones.”

Thursday, March 10, 2011 – 6:16 AM CST
Friday, March 11, 2011 – 6:16 AM CST

WHO RULES YOUR LiFE? Mother Nature’s Purpose is neither complex nor difficult to understand. This is her STORY on how she maintains the smooth Operation and Workings of a complete Solar System of Chcks and Balances that make The Riptides in Life flow as they do, time and time again; year-in and year-out; decade-in and decade-out; century-in and century-out, millennium-in and millennium-out; era-in and era-out and eon-in and eon-out – exactly like clckwork without a single Battery or Tick-Tock. Along with The Passing of due and overdue Time, EVENTS happen. Change changes The Changes that came before and those Changes that follow. Nothing stays the same. They never do. However, the only known and renown Consistency is how all Species interact so that their Wrlds link, work and do not collide, preventing Chaos to occur, knocking The Balance of Nature on her proverbial ‘End.’ That’s consistANTSy, ANT-eract & BalANTS, of course, in ANTese® for those of you ScholasticiANTS following along with THE ANT-abulary® (ANT Vocabulary) here.

Ironically, Nature’s complex Rules emphasize Survival of The Fittest, Luck and being in the Right Place at the Right Time. Yet, Religious Rhyme states ‘The Meek will inherit The Earth.’3 Symbolically, ANTS represANT ‘The Meek,’ yet ne must question:

Q: How meek are ANTS with a Life Span of 130,000,000 years?
What do ANTS know and understand about Life’s Dynamics that Humans just don’t get? Does Humanity’s Problem stem from their Preoccupation with The Act of ‘Getting’ instead of ‘Giving?’ This Debate roars through every Nation (be it social, economic, political, financial, philosophical, nutritious and/or religious) with a coherANT AgreemANT never settled upon.

How can their ‘Extended WarrANTy’ work for the BettermANT of Man? Would Nature continue ‘as is’ if no Creatures existed on Earth? Does Nature unleash the slamming Storms to keep The Populations from exploding? These Questions need Answers & Interpretations (ANTerpretations in ‘ANT’) that can only add Quality to Life.

ENTER: iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS©2009-2010 whose Tagline gingerly reads as:

Born to bug. Born to picnic.

Born to invade. Born to endure.

NOW: Born 130,000,000 years ago

to set a Prime Example in


iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS ©2009-2010.

After all, look about you.


Watch where you step.

Stepped on every Day.

Rained on every Day.

Preyed on every Day.

Poisoned every Day.

The Life of an ANT is not easy.
What’s an ANT to do when faced with all this Negativity & Indignity?
Despite Torment (known as TormANT back at the A-Hill – ANT-Hill), ANTS continue their Routine doing what they do best (which is being an ANT) as dictated by their DNA. To paraphrase what Beatle John Lennon sang: “Let them be” themselves.

As cited in my Movie Script: Father ANT espouses about The Masses of Creatures who maliciously prey upon his Family, yet their Duty to the Planet holds fast, by focusing with The Preservation of Earthly Life.

“Why don’t they pick on Somebody their own Size?
You know who you are, don’t you! Back-off – or else!”

This Action, of course, could be construed as ‘Bug Bullying’ at its Peak.

There you have it. A Creature that’s no BIGGER than this Type, spec-like in Nature (in many Cases) living for tens of millions of years on a Planet filtered with Change, fuelled by and bombarded by Anger, Misunderstanding & Greed. Yet, ANTS see their EnvironmANT, PlANeT Earth as a ‘Movable Feast’ – a Playground for The Fast-Footed – a ‘Picnic in The Park – for the SMALL, meticulous careful ANT shifts, drifts and lifts his Turf and Space, ‘Standing’ (on) his Ground day-in and day-out while abiding by The Rules imposed by Mother Nature.

EvidANTly, with a Lifespan (LifespANT in FluANT ANT) longer than almost every other Species on The Planet Earth, the ANTicular Will & Survival Skills are certainly Traits (marveled in Nature) worth examining closely, in order to see if any special Applications could crss-over to benefit other Species. It’s safe to assume that an ANT App(lication) is not far behind.

Based on Principles, their ‘Drive to stay alive’ has been The Subject of STORieS that date as far back as Aesop, The Fabulist from ANcienT Greece. His Love and Understanding of Animals and Life established him amongst The First Animal Advocates (a Hero to Animals) along with St. FrANTsis of Assissi throughout the endless Annals of LiterANTure that highlight The Animal Kingdom.

Without penning a single Word, Aesop’s Style of Word-of-Mouth Communication established his enduring and timeless Fables and passed The Test of Time as these STORieS entertained Generations, entertaining Civilization as he has. These Accomplishments were all completed before Kodak; before ‘Word-of-Mouse;’ before Facebook; before Twitter; before you and before me. ANTS made their Impressions last.

DISSOLVING EXTINCTION NE FABLE @ A TIME: Proceeding in this Vein, my Name, ADRiENNE SiOUX KOOPERSMiTH embeds the famous Letters of A-E-S-O-P spelling out Aesop, therefore, creatively continuing The Legacy of iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS ©2009-2010 – Sequel #3/7 of:

How Beloved Plush TOYS Redefine Race©2009

a tireless STORY worth absorbing. Because my Name embeds Aesop, that may partly explain why ne of my favorite Writing Modes is Fables. The Goal of this Franchise is to add thoughtful, provocative and insightful Animal STORieS (in BK & Movie/Television Formats) that hopefully will continue to thrill and delight Audiences.

I highly encourage Writers’ Groups and Teachers (acrss the Planet) to spend Part of their Writing Day exploring The Needs of Species on The Endangered & Threatened Species’ Lists (thus preventing further Extinctions from occurring) by collectively posting and publishing their Findings on this Problem. Direct Action can be taken to stop and finally eliminate The Suffering.

“Dissolving Extinction ne Fable at a Time is The Premise of this Campaign,
that begins as a STORY that transitions to a BK,
Movie and Grassroots Movement.”

Quote of ASK:
Friday, March 11, 2011 – 12:32 PM CST

PURSUING THE RiGHT WAY OF WRiTiNG: Like every worthwhile Process, Writing takes Practice (to perfect) to make it outstanding, but an ANTeresting Topic makes that Drive succeed. ANTS are such a Subject that matters. How is a Good STORY started when the Primary Characters cannot be interviewed; cannot speak to you directly and for the most (importANT) Part cannot be domesticated? The Answer is simple. Personification is used. This is the best Method that will place all Animals (Creatures, PlANTS, Microbes and Man) on The Golden Screen, on their Road to the Red Carpet and THE ANIMAL’s ACADEMY AWARDS®.

After all, Animals play more than a Supporting Role in our Movies. Animals ruled The Earth first – long before Man was sighted. Animals are not only ‘for Play & Amusement,’ they are ‘The Players’ who have amused us all our Lives long and continue to do so, spreading ‘Unconditional Lve’ as their main Means of Expression. By Rite and because of their Appearance in so many Writings, Animals should have their own Oscars, Academy & Golden Globes to emphasize Achievement & Talent over Adversity & Opposition. Critically acclaimed, Observation is the best Method to employ, thus avoiding Prejudice. To carry this Message out in my Writings, these industrious Characters have been renamed:

specifically derived from the Tw Terms:

to better identify them as role-playing ANTS. They meet-up with a Force, GiANT who is BIGGER, more powerful and threatening than they are, yet a softer and gentler Side of GiANT emerges as their STORY unfolds. This Staging then introduces Sequences and SequANTSes that Humans can directly relate (to). Crssover is attained. The STORY is related. They all live happily ever after. Or do they? Or can they? You decide. Your ‘The Write of Passage’ has been grANTed.

Look at those ANTS go! Nearly every Creature is LARGER than they are, yet their perseverANTS’ Level should be applauded and replicated. A Lesson can be learned here by studying their Fortitude. For as LITTLE as an ANT is, this STORY needs a giANT, if merely for The Sake of The ABC’s: Appeal, Balance & Contrast of STORY -Telling. The Cliff Notes tell us GiANT needed to ‘fall’ into the/his Role (synonymous with The Muckety-Muck of ProvANTS) becoming THE ANTS FAMILY’s Sidekick. Their strange and delightful Union alone adds to heightening The Plot, AmbiANTS of The Scenes & ANTics of The Characters (cleverly referred to as: CHARACTANTS®) of THE STORY .

ENTER: GiANT (who is out and about on his Daily ‘Stretch’) suddenly loses his Footing and stumbles ‘n tumbles into The Muckety-Muck of ProvANTS. Meanwhile, seated on a Warbler Leaf, THE ANT FAMILY glides acrss its mirrored Surface Waters. Both are highly startled at their Chance ANT-counter. BIG Splashes tell no Lies! The Ebb and Flow of The Situation presANTed to them causes this unexpected ANTroduction between Tw extremely unlike Species to occur. Is their Day ruined or is their Life just beginning anew? This Meeting starts a symbolically-deep and meaningfully-rich Relationship (initially based on and confused by their Differences) that turns into Similarities & Commonalities where the most obvious (GiANT) meets the most unobvious (THE ANT FAMILY).

“You can’t stop ANTS; otherwise, you’d stop Life.”
Saturday, March 5, 2011 – 6 PM

NEWSWORTHY: This special Bond (that so few have The Opportunity to share and experiANTS) closely resembles the nes Humans hear, read about and marvel over when fierce Animals become Friends. A jaw-smashing Grizzly Bear mothers a young Orphan (of a diverse Species), left in The Woods to ‘pine’ and wither away, alone and defenseless.

A Mama Pig will nurse a Baby Kitten, lost and abandoned in a musty barn on The Plains of The Heartland. Humans see, hear of or read about these AccouNTS often. Batting 1000, these downhome, heart-warming Animal STORieS prove The Species can ‘come together’ as Edward Hicks portrays them in ‘The Peaceable Kingdom,’ a Portrait that sends a Message that We should all heed.

Without needing to paint a Single ANT into this Scene,
We all know where THE ANTS are.

Survival Instincts & The Ability to express Kindness are programmed into each Species. Otherwise, Life could and would not continue. As ANTeresting as they are, The STORY explains how Lessons are learned and passed dwn from Generation-to-Generation, from Breed-to-Breed and from Species-to-Species, no matter how differANT they may seem to be on The Surface. The common Thread here (known as SKiN) is what ties us all together, which is the all-encompassing Theme of my complete Seven (7) Part Cinematic and Literary Franchise called:

How 10 Beloved Plush TOYS Redefine Race ©2009
of which
The QuarterFinalist Winner from:
Scriptapalooza’s International Screenplay Competition: 2010
beating out 3,164 other Movie Scripts
is Sequel 3 of 7

When Species take that extra Step (outside their own ‘Caste, Tribe & Comfort Zone’) above and beyond The Expected to become The Unexpected, Magic happens. A Bond reaches out to other Species that temporarily helps them in their Time of Need. Timeless Gestures of Goodwill bring a Grin and Smile to our Face(s), warms our Heart(s) and opens our Eyes to the endless Possibilities of never suspected or expected Realizations, Relationships & Renewals, just when you thought Life couldn’t get any better than this...

“This Reality
(a vast Improvement over Past Embarrassments)
makes our SKiNS tingle for Joy.”

Quote of: ASK
Saturday, February 26, 2011 – 7:18 PM CST
Tuesday, March 1, 2011 – 7:14 AM CST
Sunday, March 6, 2011 – 6:33 AM CST
Friday, March 11, 2011 – 7:56 AM CST

In our Hearts of Heart, We know Acceptance & Integration are the Right Roads to take. Integrity is fulfilled. To ANTS, AcceptANTS, ANTegration & ANTegrity matter most. A special Chord is struck. Once GiANT and THE ANT FAMILY (comprised of 31 Members) have established and secured that ‘Special Place,’ their AdveNTure (advANTure in Pure ANTese®) quickly begins. Instilling The FAsciNaTion in ‘The Facts of Life’ of every Creature should not be forgotten, as Haste makes Waste. The Deadly Sins of Over-Indulgence should be avoided by all means as they are not recognized in ANT-dom.

After all, One of THE ANT’s 10 CommandmANTS is:
“Every Crumb counts.”
Not only did these Crumbs greatly count as a Meal for The Creatures who enjoyed The Scraps (the Shreds of Stale Bread) left in their Way & on their Turf while Hanzel (that’s hANTzel) & Gretel cavorted throughout The Woods in Search of The Witch, but ANTS impart Valuable Lessons in Frugality, Savings, Teamwork and Providing-for-a-Rainy Day that should become ‘Secnd Nature’ to Man in his Daily Undertakings. In the Best Interest of what Mother Nature wishes to teach, with Virtues (as these) firmly in place, Longevity continues (and continues) as it does for THE ANT.


What transpires when The Army of ANTS (that is: THE ANT Family with its Assembly of 31 Members) and GiANT arrive at the Towering Obelisk of Mother Nature who is patiANTly awaiting their Visit along with her other Guests, Father Time & Aesop?

ENTER ACT 2: ACT 2 divulges and shares all of Aesop’s Secrets; explaining how difficult his Slavery was and how he kept his Spirit alive and intact. Despite his great Suffering, all along he knew his STORieS granted and provided The Structure & Morals that The Greek Citizenry needed to carry-on. Through these Fables, Aesop explained how The Wrld really operated – not only for his Generation, but for Future Societies to behold. Without a Stone Tablet. Without Morse Code. Without Smoke Signals. Without a Telephone. Without Electricity. Without a Lead Pencil. Without Facebook. Without Twitter. Without The Aid of a Throat Lozenge. When something vital needs to be said, it finds a Way. That is The Law of Nature, Mother Nature.
After all, who’s older and wiser? As a Species, Man is only 100,000 years old. In the Original 28 Literary Chapters of:

How 10 Beloved Plush TOYS Redefine Race ©2009

Man is depicted as the Know-It-All that he flamboyANTly claims to be, yet his Behavior is proven wrong, ‘dead wrong’ as the 10 CHARACTOYS® unravel ‘The Secrets of The Vault’ with THE KEEPER. In Sequel #3 of the #7 Manuscripts & Scripts entitled:

31 ANTS & GiANT enlighten Mankind so The Choices he makes gallANTly are the wisest nes to take as (his) Life unfolds. After all, ANTS has been Earth-bound for 130,000,000 years, crawling around, scurrying about and surviving, relying on their own Instincts & Resources. Then, later with The AppearANTS and apparANT Take-over of Man, ANTS’ Diets radically changed as they nibbled on Human Crumbs, Scraps, Leftovers and Morsels no bigger (at times) than a Spec of Dust while suffering every Day from deplorable Upheavals. Throughout The Passage of Time, Mass Adaptations changed THE ANTS’ Modus Operandi as well as all other Animals’ Nature-al Courses.

THE ANTS’ World is cemented over;
THE ANTS’ World is poisoned;
THE ANTS’ World is flooded; and
THE ANTS’ World is blown about

while the constANT Threats and relentless Attacks continue by violent Beasts. An ANT’S Life clearly depicts what Aesop’s Fables portray. The Slave’s Aspect is that of an Indentured ServANT who is controlled by BIGGER, stronger and/or more threatening Creatures. Identified as a Threat, Annoyance (i.e.: AnnoyANTS) or Pest by Man, ANTS walk a fine Line.’ This is so because in The ANTS’ Society, ANTS take Slaves as Prisoners in their Daily Scavenges, as Humans have similarly done during The Course of their History.
Q: Is this how DNA is programmed?

Q: Is Slavery used as a Scapegoat for a mutANT Species gone awry, thus preventing The Golden Rule?

iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS ©2009-2010 raises Questions and ponders Philosophies of profound ANTerest to us all, involving us all. As Life continues with each Passing Moment, the Rights & Privileges of a Free Species are determined by the Daily Goals they set.

How 10 Beloved Plush TOYS Redefine Race ©2009

probes and answers these Questions and many more, asked by The Masses since Man’s first Earthly Steps were taken. iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS©2009 began as Two precise Statements, namely:

1) The 4-Word Question Barely Pink innocently asks: “What about The ANTS?”
2) The 6-Word Evaluation PanZee diligANTly makes: “Just try to domesticate an

Chapter 3 of SKiN: The BK is thus entitled:


Bringing up Two most significANT Points, Barely Pink’s & PanZee’s CommANTS mushroomed into a 138-Page Movie Script now divided into 2 Parts.

is to have it premier on TV.

is to produce a Movie, debuting on a much larger Screen at The CinemA(NT).

iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS ©2009-2011 is best enjoyed (time-and-time again) within The Confines of a LARGE Audience, being presANT or as a pleasANT STORY to be read and shared with Family, Friends, Neighbors, Classmates and/or Associates.

Negativity (with its Adverse Effects) colors The Wrld & our Perception of Life in harmful Ways that are both abusive and hurtful, thus robbing The Beauty of living Life (short as it is) to its Fullest. Thereby, the Fur Pointers of:

How 10 Beloved Plush TOYS Redefine Race ©2009

are vital in helping us conduct the best Life Style We can possibly have (in unison with all the other Creatures) in Today’s volatile Glbal Scene. Reviewing those Themes, they are:

 To eliminate Racism;

 To dispel the Mixed Signals and Ironies We receive in every Day Life;

 To realize fully that your (false and irrationally made) Prejudgments should be
diligently avoided at all Costs & Efforts; and

 To get to The Heart of what really matters is all that matters most.

“Purposes are difficult to see and Goals are hard to attain when your World is colored and enmeshed with The Complexities that Racism, Mixed Signals, Ironies, Misunderstanding and Prejudice contain.

TOYS don’t breathe; they don’t see; they don’t smell;
they don’t hear; they don’t move; they don’t think;

yet TOYS see, hear and feel every Sense & Possibility you do. Upon its Closing Note, THE TOYS’ TALE then leaves us with a meaningful Impression that We should have had known all along, before and in The First Place. These STORieS become an ‘Aha’ Moment that gently leaves us with a Moral in which to improve our Daily Lot in Life. TOYS make for swell Playmates, Imaginary Friends & Secret Confidents. That’s ConfidANTS for the avid ANTS Lovers amongst us.

Somewhere deep, hidden in Man’s Psyche he allows inANimaTe TOYS to tell those Tales (that he cannot) as they truly are – as animated as they must be. When TOYS have ‘their Say-so!’ so much happens! Then (and only then) can Life Lessons be finally learned, remembered and passed along. ReassurANTS, Harmony & Equality are restored, lending themselves to that always ANTicipated Ending of: ‘Happily ever after.’”

Thursday, March 3, 2011 – 3:58 PM CST

LET THE BIDDING WARS BEGIN: Directors + Producers (working at and employed by a major Studio) who appreciate this Degree of creative Self-Expression are highly encouraged to contact me directly at:


to discuss how We can put this courageous Project & ‘Dream into works.’

“ANTS are responsible for our Success.
The Success you have obtained and will obtain can all be rooted back to THE ANTS.”

Friday, March 11, 2011 – 12:26 PM CST


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1 ANTS: In Anciet Latin) - Wikipedia: e

2 ‘Getting to Know You’ -

3 Matthew 5:5: “Blessed are The Meek: for they shall inherit The Earth.”


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