Monday, July 25, 2011

Eventology® celebrates 21ST Anniversary Today on July 25, 2011 - 9:45 PM

A descriptive Writing celebrating the ART OF EVENTOLOGY ® follows that appeared on my Facebook Page. A friend of mine, Eddy V. in Mexico sent a ntoe to me and I responded and then decided to post it here, too:

EV states: "Happy 1/3-of-your-Creative-Life Anniversary! I have been trying to ASK you for a short summary of what an Eventologist is, and I guess this is the right time: could you share it either here on FB or by sending it to my email?"

Hey, EDDY: HI! How are you? Hey, thanks for the greetings - when I realized it was 1/3 of my life, I was a bit freaked out! Now to answer that question of yours, quite simple, Eventology is comprised of goodwill, humanitarian, altruistic, educational, recreational, good-time, good-type and spiritual HOLIDATES that I began creating 21 years ago - under the Name of:

The Art of Event-Making
Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith’s Campaigns For Humanity ©1990

There are 2000 of them – such as PAW ©1994 – Pet Appreciation Week; Natl Splurge Day ©1994; The Great American Warm-Up ©1994; Skeptics’ Days Intl ©1997….all falling into 37 diff. Categories. There’s even some to help people eat healthily and wisely called: EAT-Vents ® -- about 400 of those – that are especially important since so many people cannot control their eating habits – but then, that depends on where you live.

What made these HOLIDATES really popular back in the 1990s, EDDY was that a directory called: CHASE’s CALENDAR OF EVENT carried about 40 of them so I was doing lots of radio interviews around the world – this was way before 9/11 hit and advertising agencies would DEVELOP A DAY for their client(s) promoting their goods. I created this literary genre only because it was an entrtaining and creative thing to do. Wehn it was a slow day in either publishing/radio or TV, the journalists would call the writers in CCOE and since I was the top contributor, I got lots of media coverage on them. Chit-chatting away with media folks was always fun - this was early email days when things were not that advanced as we are today with FB, Twitter and all those other social networks that make our communication so much better.

I always say I am Hallmark’s Worst Nightmare. Oprah Winfrey’s courier came and picked up my press kit on the EVENTS in Jan., 1998 when I appeared in a national woman’s mag called WOMAN’s WORLD from New Jersey – in which she appeared on the Cover. A flurry of articles appeared in the 1990s, only because everyone thought they were novel and fun to do – from school teachers to radio talk show hosts! Then in the late 1990s I got into single unit writings (like small books) but I continued developing the Events. In 2009 I started all this screenwriting – that also uses the HOLIDATES when they seem to fit in.

That’s about IT – all about Eventology in a nutshell, Eddy!

What are you working on this week? Did you have a great weekend at the beach about 2 weeks ago? I am surprised you came back!

Cheers, Adrienne


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