Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jim Farina: Chicago Scriptwriter flies high by beating out 90% of his Competition!

My Friend, JIM FARINA, a Finalist (making the TOP 10% of over 3,600+ International Movie Script Entries) from Scriptapalooza’s Intl Screenplay Competition: 2010 4 his ‘Martin Eden’ turned me on 2 this terrific Site:

that may interest any Screenwriter trying to figure out where he/she goes next.

At first glance, I was merely intrigued by 3 Quotes that I caught my eye which are:

“If U can tell me your Idea in 25 words or less, it’s going 2 make a pretty good film.” Quote of Steven Spielberg/DreamWorks


Writing is only 50% of the writer's job. The other 50% is sales. Don't expect 2 write a good Script & the Agent w/ take care of the rest. In Today's Hollywood, U must B able 2 sell yourself & your Material.

There evidently is a story here behind the MAN WITH HIS SCRIPT. For any reporter, journalist and/or reporter wishing to find out more about Jim’s Talents, the Status of MARTIN EDEN, etc., write to him here and your message will be expedited to his studio.

Thursday, July 14, 2011 - 1:39 PM CST

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