Saturday, July 9, 2011

Joe Koopersmith & The Art of the Harley Davidson Motorcycle

My BRO, JOE KOOPERSMITH who lives in the State of Oregon now is 1 of the greatest HD wheeler-dealers in the world. He knows those bikes like the back of his hand. He started looking for old parts nearly 40 years ago in the old barns of Midwest America - in the Heartlands & worked his way up to being a collector / builder / restorer and expert on the complete ART of The Harley Davidson Motorcycle. Check him out on eBay - he sells vintage parts there regularly. And yes, Pappy Pierce's Harley Shop in DeKalb IL is where he still calls HOME. Yup, U could say I'm pretty proud of my Little Bro.

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Chicago, IL USA 7-9-2011

Saturday, July 8, 2011 - 12:06 PM CST

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afilmaday said...

I've read through just this first page and the first thing that sprung at me was "Creative!"

You've made up this miniature language - hence the ANTivist in you - and is really charming.

Shan't lie, at first glance was daunting but after a while i really dig it and creative use of symbols etc.

Made more poignant when you spoke about FB becoming dated one day.

Enjoyable read.