Friday, September 9, 2011

ASK on Aging: Countdown To 60 - 11 Months & Counting.

Chicago, IL USA:

COUNTDOWN TO 60 is now in 11 more months! But not to worry. We babyboomers take it all in stride & enjoy THE RIDE. My new friend, PEPPER was keeling over - when I told her I was going 2 B 70 in 10 yrs. & 11 months. As a Job Recruiter - she told me MOST people do not advertise their age as freely as I do since so much AGE DISCRIMINATION is out there...but somehow that don't bother me @ all - OR yet. Here's to aging grace-fully!

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Elove Poetry said...

that's a wonderful thing to say... i have just exhausted a quarter of a century, and i don't have an iota of what the future holds for me... u r wonderful for a lady.... lol!