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ASK's Publicity Rates: 4TH Quarter of 2011 through 2012.

ASK’s PROMOTIONAL MOTTO & MANTRA: “Being your ‘Eyes, Ears & Hands-on Contact here in Chicago’ by clocking its Pulse to your Needs (gaining and adding Visibility to your Project and/or Product) since you may not be located in this Metropolitan and Cosmopolitan Arena.”

The fact that I hold the Title of ‘Chicago’s First Leading Rock & Roll Publicity Personality from 1979-1992’ - lending my Expertise to 40 of Chicago’s Top Bands (representing in NYC & LA for years on end) - gives you (THE CLIENT) unlimited Access to my Wealth of Artistic Creativity of which there are no Limits. Now, even after 20 years, I am still in contact with many of those Movers and Shakers (from LA and NYC and points between and beyond) that I befriended ‘back then.’ These are Friendships (based on Honesty & Trust) that cannot be affixed to a(ny) dollar amount.

AS YOU KNOW: In real estate, Location-Location-Location is always touted. Living in Chicago since 1974 (and visiting my Mother’s Folks since 1952 when I was born), I have learned the Insides and Outsides of every Media Format here. Plus, I am friendly and I seem to draw People to me wherever I go. A lot of it is CHARM, I must admit. That’s the Tuth of the matter. I have learned to live with it!

From an acute business perspective, Outsiders (those ‘outside Chicago proper’ and the USA) always need a Representative who has this (full) Knowledge at their Fingertips. That brings me to the next Question.

DID YOU HEAR THE NEWS? FYI: Chicago was voted the 4TH most powerful City in the World according to a Poll that was released on September 16. After all, to get from NYC to LA, you have to stop in Chicago, my Home Turf, where I’ve built myself a great Name & terrific Reputation.

COSTS OF PROMOTIONS: ASK’s PRAM: Public Relations / Advertising / Marketing Rates

$60 Hour with a 25 Hour Minimum, prepaid.

$1,750: 1 Customized Media Release to the Media(ium) of your Choice(s): Radio – TV – Newspapers – Magazines. Regional & Event-driven Media Releases are popular at this point in time. This equates to a ONE-TIME BLITZ of approximately 5,000 generated eMails.

$300: 1 Blog, prepaid.

$300: 15 Facebook Postings and/or 15 Twitters/Tweets, prepaid. It’s customary to hook-up the Blog with the FB & Tweets to get more Mileage from that Blog Writing in order for Google Alerts to be generated.

$2,500 per Month, pre-paid on the First of the Month with a 4-month minimum Guarantee. As a Retainer Fee, this would place YOUR COMPANY into my ‘THINK TANK OF IDEAS DIVISION’ that would allow you to be one of those lucky clients that I 'work' when no one else ‘in your camp’ has such aggressive Skills of Researching; Networking, Writing Skills/Expertise, developing Business & the like.

$12,000, prepaid eMedia Releases per (each) Book an Author has written. This Task encapsulates 3 Monthly News Items about the Book sent to every Book Reviewer / Publication / Radio Showgram featuring ‘The Written Word.’ This Service can be purchased on a Quarterly Basis, prepaid.

$40,000 – Creation of a HOLIDATE® (of which I am internationally known and noted as: ‘America’s Premier Eventologist’ and‘The Premier Eventologist in the History of the World’ via Insight Magazine & The Chicago Tribune in 1997 and 2001, respectively) for a(ny) Subject of your choosing. This includes 3 eMedia Releases to thousands of respective Media before (your) Event happens. IE: An example of this would be my “September is Spoil Your Dog Month" ©2011. I have over 66 Animal elated & related HOLIDATES® created since 1994 (that have received international exposure due to my 2 Titles cited above) that may apply to a PET related operation. Three-Quarters (3/4) of this Amount ($30,000) is due at the beginning of the Project. The Final One-Quarter (1/4) Payment ($10,000) is due 2 weeks before the Event happens. Follow-up to the Event is clocked at $2,500 per month to give the Media an idea of what transpired. This is all based on the anticipated Growth of the next Event that will (no doubt) happen in the following year. HOLIDATING® makes your Cause immortal and an instant Sensation in Pop Culture and to the Media. Due to the Creation of my 1 of my Arts called:

The ART of Event-Making
Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith’s Campaigns For Humanity ©1990

Since EVENTOLOGY’s Formation, I have done over 3,000 Radio Interview across the USA, TV Interviews as well as hundreds of Print/Web have been penned by other Writers writing about my Philosophies. This and more can happen to your Projects/Products.

FOR THOSE UTILIZING MY $2,500 PER MONTH RETAINER FEE who pay the $10,000 Quarterly Rate on or before Sunday, January 1, 2012, they will receive Two (2) customized eMedia Releases, for FREE! Now, that’s the way to kick-off the New Year, an Event we all enjoy participating in!


WOTS: Working On The Sabbath! Yes, both of those Days: Saturday & Sunday. I even work on:

my Birthday (for part of the Day, anyway),




New Years Eve & New Years Day.

Why am I such a hard worker? It is because: A Publicist’s Work is never done – there’s always someone else ‘out there’ to inform.

As my dear friend, Selby (a Cat >^..^< Sitter for decades who always has great tails/tales to tell me about her ‘clients’) recently said:

“Adrienne, you’ve got it, Girl! Because you always have ‘The Last Word.’” I laughed – she was referring to my PR Biz because that’s the Nature of being that Genre of Writer. I would say Selby is ‘write’ again on that account as well as insightful!

As (former) Mayor Richard M. Daley stated in a Personal Letter he penned to me in the Fall of 1993 when he proclaimed my CARTOONISTS AGAINST CRIME ©1991 as a full-fledged HOLIDATE for the CITY OF CHICAGO via a red ribbon and gold-leaf Proclamation: “Together we can create those changes that change the world.”
And, by all means, feel free to pass this Rate Sheet along to any of your Co-horts who need a Job well done!

For any and all questions feel free to contact me directly at:


I look forward to hearing more about you, your Project and how it can be grown in the Times ahead. Thank you.

Cheers, ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Koopersmith's Global Communications
People read what ASK writes about...'
Chicago - IL USA

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