Thursday, September 1, 2011

We are all...iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS. ANThological Views by ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith

With the Passing of ANT APPRECIATION MONTH INTL as of August 31, 2011, there's still plenty of time to watch ANTS before they begin their winter retreat.

Here's a brief Tale about an inquisitive ANT I met about 20 minutes ago that made me stop and think, which I find to be my usual state since AAF: Ants Are Fascinating. See if you don't agree with me - their logic and survival skills are commendable:

The Big Black sidewalk ANTS who have a Latin Name assigned to them (that’s longer than they are or could ever grow into) are goal-oriented. I saw several today, September 1ST, 2011. Upon my last encounter, I took a few crumbs of Tandoori NAAN Garlic Flatbread that I had bought, broke off a few crumbs, small enough that he could grab and take it back to the COLONY for a mid-evening treat. I spread it around his Path as he made his way towards the intersection. But, alas he took one smell and continued on his way – rapidly traversing the sidewalk – hot as it was – having reached a toddling 96 degrees in the shade. Would this ANT worry that the had garlic bread breath as I would? I think that was the least of his daily dilemmas.

Then, the Calorie count appears on this back of this Package. One NAAN (which is an Indian Flatbread) has 260 calories. If any ANT ate a morsel – crumb of this bread, that caloric intake would register in the 0.1 or less percentile. A swarm of 10,000 ANTS could consume one of these delicious and tender delicacies and share the calories. Calories, you must understand, are not in an ANT’s daily diet like they are in ours. No wonder they’ve lived over 130 million years. Sort of makes you stop, look and wonder why, doesn’t it.

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Thursday, September 1, 2011 - 7:08 PM

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