Sunday, August 26, 2012

ASK's Wish List for the Move from Rosemont: Summer/Autumn 2012

ASK ON DAY #6 OF THE GRAND MOVE - After 21 years, I'm moving on. Have been going thru 100s of xerox boxes now of writings I did from that other century and millennium. I can't believe I wrote so much and on so many diff. topics. Eventology was one thing, but there's so many books and manuscripts, plus ART work. And then there are those TOYS- collections from over 60 years. I have no idea on how to move those, except very carefully. If they only had a sale on lucite boxes, I'd be set and bubblewrap. The Buzz Word is: Sorting. Amazingly, some stuff that truly fascinated me is stuff I have no interest in anymore; therefore, this Segment of my life is quickly becoming a great cleansing period for which to kickstart my 60s! In the back of my mind, I wanted to MOVE ON when I was SIXTY anyway so I guess when you do think THOUGHTS, the Universe does provide...

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  To make this Move as effortless as possible which never is the case, I will be needing:

an advance of $5000 (that will be paid back via my PR Company beginning on November 1st);

Bubble Wrap 
Xerox Boxes / Smaller Boxes &

A team with a car to move my writings into storage & my finer items/possessions into the apartment
(once it is found). 

If anyone (or group of people) can help in this matter (as moving is no picnic in the park) please contact me at:


at:  847-448-0544.

Thank you for listening...

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