Thursday, August 9, 2012

SEXTY @ 60® - ASK's Countdown to Sixty has arrived as of: Thurs. August 9, 2012 - 4:45 AM CST

THE COUNTDOWN TO 60 is officially over.

After waiting 60 years for it to come and go, I’m thrilled it’s over with so I can get on with the more  important Things like LIVING LIFE.  Numerically though, if I were to live to 100, that means there’s only 40 years left.  Since the first 59 flew so quickly, I’m guessing these are not likely to idle.  The saddest thing about growing old is that although we take care of our Bodies (for those of us that do), every Decade comes along with its own set  of Problems and if Disease doesn’t get U, the Aging Process will.  

I do have to share something funny though for those of us who are into Words & Writing and that is the Phrase that I invented a while back for my BF who was turning 60.  At our favorite Bakery, I ordered a cake that spelled out in cream frosting:

SEXTY @ 60®

which is one way (weigh in this case) of looking at the Aging phenomena.

However even though I may be semi-melancholy here on Thursday, August 9, 2012, some Great Friends did send Personal Messages to me today and those are posted here because they were so sweet & tender:   

RON RON OF JAPAN:    happy birthday!! ANT it great, Chicago is celebrating!!
do your best to be your best adrienne.
thank you for making my pages interesting with things you are doing and trends you are setting...
ron ron

JIM FARINA:  Happy 60th Adrienne! You've been such a great inspiration in the short time I've known you. Seems like I've known you for years! Thanks for all of your help promoting my work. My screenplay is getting some serious attention from Hollywood notables with your help and council. Cheers!!!!

ARISTOTLE SOLMERANO:   Count your life by smiles, not tears.
Count your age by friends, not years.
happy birthday Andrienne!!
- Aris

ROBIN CREATH:  Hi beautiful, Hope you rock the house down today.. Your not getting older you’re getting started.. Or better... Enjoy I wish I could be there to party with ya.. HMM next yr??? You really wear your age well. Your so physically beautiful no one would know your age. What I like is your youthful spirit and light happy heart. That's beauty to me... xo

AND: IF Facebook is around on Friday, August 9, 2052 when I’m 100 and I’m looking back @  this LoM: Life of Mine, I’ll probably wish I were 60 instead of telling everyone I’m 30 + 30 and/or Sweet 16 + 44.

Got to love Birthdays!  I guess the Blessing of Time is just that…

Cheers, ASK:

8-9-2012- 4:37 PM CST



Yesterday:  Thursday, August 9, 2012 - 4:45 AM: Ok, so I figured the original phrase:


would work, but aging is just 1 of those daily things that we can't fight no matter how rich/poor we are!  But I am flabbergasted @ all of  U - all of my wonderful Facebook Friends that sent me a terrific birthday greeting & remembered.  But most of all, I thank the ones WHO did not remember and therefore did NOTrub it in...all the more!  Of course, I am joking with you, and that AGE is just a stage and #, but let's move on and get something done!  After all:  It is later than we think! 

Cheers, ASK:
8-10-2012 - 10:07 AM CST


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ASK ON DAY #2 of being 60.  You know, this could really turn into a Serial.  After 3 strikes,  Items become a Collection. After 5 or 6 of these Postings, I’m sure they will become Second Nature to me, or as we say @ my STAGE & AGE of the Game of Life, the 60TH.  I’m still so so so happy to have gotten so many well-wishes for my 60TH Birthday and although I did kvetch the last 2 days, I’m trying (my darndest) to get over the fact that 6/10 or 3/5 of my Life may be over to date! There’s 40 more years to 100 and as you know every decade brings its own share of issues (to put it lightly and slightly).

But, Dear Friends,  Age is only a number, but there are still so many things that need to be done yet.  My High School Class of 70 is still going strong.  We were the HIP GENERATION that introduced Music – Arts and Culture to the World.  We’re all turning 60 this year and that’s really something NOT to fear.  Rhyme or no rhyme, the passing of Time just shows that:  1) Time waits for no one & 2) lots can be done if you keep your GOALS in the forefront of your days and utilize Time to its best advantage.  And since we are all ‘such a fine Community here’ talking it out is a great way of relating and elating in what each Day brings and has to offer. 

Thanks for your undivided attention!  Enjoy the Day! 

Cheers, ASK:

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