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The August 2012 Launch of ASK’s-Show-n-Tell-Time featuring…[YOUR NAME HERE].

IN HONOR OF MY 60TH BIRTHDAY…coming up on Thursday, August 9, 2012, I am offering my FB Friends SIXTY PERCENT (60%) off the Original Costs.  This exceptional Offer runs from NOW until Friday, August 10, 2012 – at Midnight.
The Dynamics are located online at:  @

under the BLOG Title of: 
ASK's 30-Day PR Explosion. By September you'll be GOOD AS GOLD!
Check it out – FB me with any Questions you have.  This Opportunity is for a very limited Time only. 
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This unbelievable Opportunity may not come around again until Tuesday, August 9, 2022 when I turn SEVENTY and I’ll probably UP it to 70% off!   But let’s not rush things, quite yet.

Posted by: ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Studio 1437
Chicago, IL USA
8-7-2012 – 10:22 AM CST

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Officially launched at 1:28 PM on Wednesday, August 1, 2012 this is the Beta Version of July 28, 2012 PR Strategy. 

Introductory Notes read as:

ASK’s-Show-n-Tell-Time-featuring…[YOUR NAME HERE]

“Throughout Life, one Constant remains relatively consistent.  That is:   If you ‘ASK’ and you do so nicely, then you’ll obtain Answers for those Queries.  If you crank it up a Notch and ask somebody who’s interesting, educated or possesses a different Slant, you may find that an entirely new Avenue opens – one where the Knowledge gained is the Knowledge kept and if given The Opportunity, it may then be passed along for Greater Understanding.  Such is the Case with the Selection of Friends We make throughout Life. Talent and an extroverted Air or Attitude (outgoing, sophisticated and original) is the chief Reasons why I rush to turn my PC on every Day. When Questions are answered; that Answer leads to clearer Clues that can unravel the Inner Strengths that We possess.”

Quote of ASK:  Saturday, July 28, 2012 – 7:30 PM CST

Monday, July 30, 2012 – 8:48 PM CST


THE STORY   behind THE STORY .   
What brought all of this together?  This is the Reason why:

ASK’s-Show-n-Tell-Time-featuring… [YOUR  NAME HERE]

could have also been named: 

RST: Read/Show/Tell.  This Package gives us all a ReST in order to see how THE ReST of us lives and gets into the Heart & Mind of what We are all about and should be about.  


We all have a STORY.

But what comprises a Written STORY is a Series of Sentences.  Sometimes, these Sentences can really nab and grab a Person.  That’s good and, that’s good to know by all means.  As a Writer, a Plethora of Tools can be used to get to that STORY.  At times, it is wiser to stop and adjust our Vision by letting another’s Vision roll in, even if it’s only for a few Lines; a Sentence; a Bracket, a Phrase or a Clause. Thinking-a-Thought We may not have even realized before can refreshen any given Moment with a Result and a significant one at that. That needs to happen more often.

Therefore, for my Facebook Friends who wish to share their STORY with you, a 25 Point Questionnaire has been designed for them to take that First Step by merely filling in the Blanks. It’s good Practice. It gives and lends itself to Direction.  When the Blanks are filled in, another Mindset is laid and Themes are concreted into Place. It may be a Whole Thought – something more or less that could help you ‘spring into Action’ on a Plan of your own.  Such is the Power of what We write, say, share and do.  

AFTER ALL:  We all have a STORY that starts with a Sentence, beginning now.



Getting to know you.

I wanted to know more about my Facebook Friends that I was meeting and connecting with now for several Years and what’s better than giving them the Opportunity to tell their STORY  Distributing and promoting comes as Second Nature to me (as a seasoned Public Relations Professional since 1979. Writing that STORY   publicizing it to a far greater, wider and larger Audience or Community is a job that needs to be done every Day in today’s highly competitive World.  Having a Representative to do this allows the Creatif to devote more Time to their ART, Passion, Skill and/or Trade (even if it is only for an Hour every Day).

That was the Primary Reason as to why how the 30 DAY PR STRATEGY evolved.  A Friend of a Friend of a Friend is how Facebook became the Behemoth that it grew to be, One Person(ality) at a Time.  Word-of-Mouth & Word-of-Mouse (via a trustworthy Person that one can be confided in) spreads, sells and brands a Piece – many Times by only a mere Suggestion in passing.  With these various Personalities that We can contact every Day (faster than it takes to dial a Phone), this Form of Communications is now a Regular Part of our Schedules, exemplifying the ideal Way to pen-pal (as many of us did in the 1960s). The only Thing missing from this Equation is cueing up for Stamps; licking a single Envelope’s Flap and lastly, wondering if the Parcel ever arrived (at all). 

Friends benefit and inspire you with their own Achievements, a sure-fire Way to start the Day, any Time of Day, Week-in and Week-out.  The more We open up to The Possibilities, the more We score and higher We soar.  It’s just the Way of The Universe. 

THE 30 DAY STRATEGY PLAN keeps that Spirit alive.

I am actually more influenced by my Facebook Friends than TV/Radio, Co-Workers, face-to-face Associations or even the trendiest of Trends.  As I visit their Pages, I find Things I like and share; sometimes Things that I dislike and don’t share. Those are most often forgotten and forgiven.    

Writer, Sondra Dee Garrison (of Chicago) turned me on to Painter, Daniel Scharf (of Mission Viejo);

Ron Ron of Tokyo turned me on to Videos he had taken of Japan’s March 11, 2011 Tsunami, Earthquake and Nuclear Catastrophe by reporting it live and in Real Time;

Robin Creath (located in the Midwest) told me about Frank Underwood, Jr., (located ‘out West’) the talented Artist/Author whose Birthday is also on my Birth Date or vica versa;

Dan Shure (who should be the 'Mayor of The North Shore') invited me to a dynamic Business Breakfast for one of his Groups where I got the Chance to network with a roomful of others that I would never have done had it not been for his Generosity and Networking Finesse; 
Kelly Monteith (one of my favorite Performers of all Time) came to mind so I searched for him on Facebook and he appeared!  Now, I can check his Schedule to see where he’ll be performing;
Seeing Kelly’s friends ‘drove’ me to the Facebook Page of Kenny Haas, undoubtedly Chicago’s Top Marketing Creatif who was pictured with a huge TOY Fish that resembled my GORF, Star of my Screen & Book Series. TOYS?  Well, that’s my Middle Name, of course.  A Friendship was instantly formed there and GORF & I  even got to visit ‘The Mayor of Storyville’ at his Office in April of 2011;

Kc Kerchner (from my Hometown of Mendota, Illinois) put me in touch with my favorite Grade School English Teacher (circa 1964), Mr. William Hastert  (now of Arizona) here on Facebook after a lapse of 46 years;

I’m on touch with the brilliant Humanitarian and Veterinarian, Dr. Michael W. Fox, my Professor who taught Animal Behaviorism at Washington University in 1974 and went on to Universal Fame as an Icon (plain in simple). 

Worlds apart, the Wonders of Facebook puts us face-to-face with those who can influence and change the Course of our Days.  Throughout Life, the Liaisons We make never stop. 

There are specific Groups and Clubs that I am prone to visit regularly that I would have never known about had it not been for Facebook.  In an organizational vein, Electronic News keeps the Home free from Piles of Papers that I never really get around to reading, although I promise myself I will.  We all have our Favorites, of course. Facebook is a complete Network, as sweet as being in a Candy Shop.  Facebook enriches us all and hopefully by knowing more about these remarkable People, your Life will also be more enriched and charmed.  Therefore, this Project:

ASK’s-Show-n-Tell-Time featuring…[YOUR NAME HERE].

 has emerged from the Interaction and Inspiration of what Facebook has put into Motion, wrought with Emotion!”

Quote of ASK:  Saturday, July 28, 2012 – 8:50 PM CST

Wednesday, August 1, 2012 – 6:57 AM CST





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