Monday, February 24, 2014

ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, Founder of National Splurge Day invites Caffeine Joints to the Biggest COFFEEapalooza of 2014. An Open Letter & Invite to recruit Coffee House Sponsors.

These Days you have to set yourself (and your Cup of Joe) far apart from ‘The Proverbial Crowd’ - the Competition, that is. This is difficult; yet easy at the same time with the Wonders of Social Media Networking even if you don’t THINK & TYPE @ 92 WPM.  It’s a given that exciting Elements + Events can be added to entice those Customers to make their Visit the most comfortable & memorable.  As a Creative Writer & deemed as:

 America’s Premier Eventologist

per Gene KoprowskiInsight Magazine – Washington, DC – August, 1997


The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World

per Eric ZornThe Chicago Tribune – Chicago, Illinois – January 2001


I’m the Creator/Founder/Spokesperson(ality) of NATIONAL SPLURGE DAY (a/k/a NSD) ©1994. I would consider this Option as an added Benefit because NSD relates to your Industry as being a Refreshment Distributor.


2014 marks this EVENT (known as a HOLIDATE’s 20TH Year ABC: ANNIVERSARYBIRTHDAY CELEBRATION). That is definitely something to raise a Mug to – all year long, sip by sip.


 (now 20 years old as of June 18, 2014)
is begin extended to:


With this Introduction, I invite you to become a Sponsor for this multi year-long:  COFFEEAPALOOZA.  By becoming a Sponsor ($2,500 a Quarter, prepaid), not only do you gain the Expertise of my illustrious 35 year-long Work History in the Industries I coin as:  PRAM: Public Relations – Advertising – Marketing  but your Coffee Establishment(s)  will be fully umbrella’d under my Expertise.  I.E.:  When The Media calls on me for an Interview, you’re automatically included in that ‘Express’ Opportunity for Exposure that can range from Newspaper/Magazine Articles  (in print & online) as well as TV, Radio, Web & Blog Interviews. That again can be facebooked, tweeted out & linkedin in order to gain still more mileage.   Using NATIONAL SPLURGE DAY ©1994 as the Bases & Crux of your Coffee House Operation, the Sky is the Limit.


As of February 3, 2014:

92,003,269 people have ‘liked’ NSD: NATIONAL SPLURGE DAY ©1994; and

1,532,372 were talking about NSD: NATIONAL SPLURGE DAY©1994. 

That qualifies this EVENT as a Viral Sensation since 2010.  The Details, 2014 Rates and the URLS for 30 Articles (already printed on the Popularity of NSD, established in 1994) are online for your Perusal at:



HOW MY STRATEGIES WORK:  2014 also marks my 40TH year living in Chicago.  Proud of my City, my ambitious Goal utilizing the Power and Potential of NATIONAL SPLURGE DAY ©1994 and the Attention it automatically grabs and garners) is to establish Chicago as THE CAPITAL OF SPLURGE; with Rogers Park (where I now reside with my Fiancé, Robert E. Hofstadter, Managing Director NSD) as Epicenter; and our Home as Splurge Central.  Every business in Ward 49 (including Alderman Joe Moore) knows about this Dynamic, often termed ‘grass-roots’ in nature.  


A Variety of Sponsors (in 12 different Categories) is now being recruited.   Coffee Houses are terrific Sponsors for the simple  and pleasing Reason: 


Who doesn’t like to SPLURGE at a Coffee House?



It tastes good.  It’s affordable.  It’s a friendly atmosphere.  Knead I go on?



THE DYNAMICS USED AT KOOPERSMITH’s GLþBAL COMMUNICATIONS:  Social Media Networking serves every Creative Campaign/Endeavor/Task in beneficial Ways. If you write well and have the Lists, Contacts and Network fixed in place (as I have), you are Golden.  If you have developed and spear-headed a head-turning, eye-opening HOLIDATE as NATIONAL SPLURGE DAY ©1994 and its Spin-off, YOTS: YEAR OF THE SPLURGE (scheduled as 2014), untold Opportunities will open that never appeared before.



If you are looking for a Social Media Networking Professional, heading her own PRAM Biz and CEO of the trendingest HOLIDATE on the Planet in a major marketplace -  living in the third largest metropolitan/cosmopolitan City in the USA, email me at:





Don’t miss out on an Opportunity that can only enhance your Visibility on the local, regional and international Sphere.  Give yourself that Chance. 


NATIONAL SPLURGE DAY ©1994 is as HOT as your Coffee is strong.”

Quote of ASK:

Monday, February 24, 2014 – 10:10 AM CST



When THE URGE TO SPLURGE strikes, strike back with my deluxe & innovative Networking Strategies.   I hope to hear from you soon.


ROBERT's COMMENTARY:  SIGN-UP DATE:  Because certain Editorial Calendars must be met, it is wise(r) to sign up by September 10 since Holiday Gift-Giving begins shortly as well as Editorial Calendars for 2015.    Email ASK here in Chicago:


(3rd largest marketplace in the USA)  for all Q&Q: Questions & Queries that may arise.  


“People read what ASK writes about…”
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