Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Off-Balance of Nature parallels the Banning of Ground Hog’s Day. An Ecological & Humanitarian Campaign & Phenomena.

ASK/Chicago:  Let’s ban GROUND HOGS’ DAY.  For once and for all – especially for the Ground Hog who has been the brunt of this highly stupid SO: Special Occasion for decades now.   There is nothing crueler than dragging that Animal out of its den in the middle of winter to report on a STUPID question re: the weather.   Just think how YOU personally hate to be wakened up – earlier than usual.  Don’t U think the GROUND HOG feels the same way?  I certainly do.  Doe this Little Animal know what is happening?  He is not an Automatic Weather Predictor.    Is he not fearful of a Bunch of Humans (acting ridiculous) – holding him high up in to the air.  He has to fear for his safety.  And, you know darn well, that if he bit one of his handlers, he would be PUT TO SLEEP permanently – and it would NOT be his fault at all.


DO THE MATH, PEOPLE:  If a person merely looks at their calendar, they will automatically notice that February 2 is about 6 weeks away from March 21, which is the First Day of Spring.  Get a clue – leave The Ground Hog and Nature alone – they have a system that we don’t know about…


There are better ways to ‘weather the storm’ and preparing for it ranks at the top of that list.  Keeping an inhuman and silly superstition alive for media coverage and off-color humor results in a complete lack of time and ill-will towards the other Creatures we share our Planet – our ONLY Home with. 


To reiterate:  Let’s ban GROUND HOG’S DAY.  Enough is enough already.


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Sunday, 2-2-2014 – 12:25 PM CST

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