Thursday, February 27, 2014

Paint-A-Palooza Day celebrates the ART, Life & Times of Annette Labedzki, the Picasso of the 21ST Century.

Paint-A-Palooza Day ©2014w

celebrates the ART, Life & Times of Annette Labedzki,


Canada’s 21ST Century Picasso whose Treasure Trove and Talents concerning and capturing The ARTS reaches the Senses; the People and the Feelings and Emotions of what Great ART truly is supposed to do.  It is her untold and profound Mission to foster the Presence of ART every Day with the Changing of each Season, stroke by stroke.  Found online and now an International ARTIST of unprecedented ROCK STAR Presence, her Creative Contribution is felt on a Daily Basis across Cyberspace & in the Galleries she is represented.  A Wall or any Surface will never be ‘the same’ when an Annette Labedzki is hung.

Annette has devoted her Life to her ART, her Family, her Community, her Country (one of the largest on the Planet) and now Global Sphere to introduce us – her vast Audience – to ART that shines through with Imagination, Thrills and a Blasts of COLOR and Shapes, Faces & Forms that truly mesmerize those who encounter these Masterpieces. 


Without a doubt, the Facebook & Twitter Terms SHARE - LIKE - RETWEET were invented for her Works. 


Won’t you honor Ms. Labedzki on her Birthday today February 27 – upon her 55TH Birthday by viewing her Online Accomplishments at:



As her eBay Account tells us:  Follow what inspires you…”  That may be her Greatest Contribution to 21ST Century ARTand is undoubtedly why she has over56,000 Twitter Followers.


In her Honor, I have deemed & declared today, February 27, 2014 and every subsequent and future February 27TH as: 

Paint-A-Palooza Day ©2014

since that’s what she does best.  Oh, she may argue that there are other wonderful Things that she does (as well), but her ARTISTRY comes to mind @ the Present, a Present she gives to us all. 


For Memorable ART that brightens any Surface, Annette Labedzki comes to mind every Time. It’s the Name to remember – the Spark of Light & Beauty that unfolds  for all of our Days. 

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Annette Labedzki

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