Friday, February 7, 2014

Those were The Days, My Friends. The Beatles upon Year 50 of the British Invasion. ASK/Chicago remembers.

ASK/CHICAGO’s EVENTOLOGICAL BLAST FROM THE PAST happens to coincide with THE BEATLES’ 50TH Year Anniversary of their Appearance on the #EdSullivan Show.  In 1994, I created a HAUTE COUTURE Holidate called:

Beatles & White Go-Go Boots Day ©1994 


on February 9 so that we could drag out our gear and


#1:  see if it still fits. After all, people’s feet don’t really grow as much as their waistlines, bellies and hips do


#2, primarily to have some fun since LOTS of that was done when THE FAB 4 arrived. 


Fifty (50) years ago was much simpler than it is today on every angle and level.


What I remember most of that HOLIDATE is that Leslie Baldacci, a Reporter of the Chicago Sun-Times (that’s #ChicagoSunTimes) wrote it up (as it must have been a slow news day) in the early 1990s – getting press, all thanks to John – Paul – George & Ringo.  Imagine the people who got and found work through all of their MUSI-ngs the last 50 years.  That alone is amazing without even listening to their MUSI-c.


BTW:  My favorite BEATLE Song is:  ‘They say it’s your Birthday’ as it always made me get up and dance – in my white go-go-boots, of course.


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DATELINE:  February 7, 2014 – 1:30 PM CST


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