Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Why CBS [Chicago & NYC] are far better quality TV Stations than NBC. An ASKian Viewpoint in 512 Words - the Write Words at that.

ICAWW:  IN CASE ANYONE WAS WONDERING:  I switched from NBC to CBS about 2 weeks ago for all my NEWS (mornings – night) because of the inflated egos Channel 5 staffers have.  Their job is to report the news – not increase their FB networks. I switched to CBS and found that CBS is refreshing.  Furthermore, they are totally serious when reporting the(ir) news along with a dash of being extremely entertaining.   Vince Gerasole - (General Assignment Reporter’s) segments are awesome.  He makes us forget that we are in the middle of a #PolarVortex with his personalized segments.  Plus, the stories are not repetitive so the viewing never becomes boring. 


JUST THIS AM:  I was very happy to see the huge blocks of time & advertisements you (CBS/Chicago) gave to #1871Chicago – headed my HOWARD TULLMAN -  The Digital Incubator Space where entrepreneurs can grow their Products/Brands - located in the Heart of the City – the Merchandise Mart - as this is a First for our City and is already a proven Success Story in creating 30 graduates and putting $30,000,000 into ‘Sweet Home Chicago.’  I learned that from Vince’s interview. 


REALISTICALLY NOW:  No one has to leave Chicago to get inspired or be challenged – 1871/Chicago proves that.  Seeking that kind of support is so important in today’s job arena.


THEN:  When 7 AM rolls around and National News is featured, I continue watching CBS/NYC as the Anchors there headed by Charlie Rose, Gayle King and Norah O'Donnell are serious. They don’t try to act cutesy like NBC/NYC’s anchors. Except I always liked Ann Curry when she worked there – altho she was not given her fair share or equal treatment – dislodged as she was not too long ago. 


CBS/NYC’s first feature shows the listening audience what’s happening IN THE WORLD in 90 minutes – as briefs.  Whoever thought of this Segment should get a FAST COMPANY Seal of Approval. It’s ingenious! Charlie, Gayle & Norah relay the news stories without an Ego attached to the story. This is translatable to authentic news that’s as entertaining as the CBS Brand that I am now enjoying  --  (as a happy new viewer and audience member),  I will continued with CBS. 

And one incredible Take that must be mentioned is from Mo Rocco whose name I could not even decipher at first during my initial viewings.  He’s on CBS Sunday Morning & should have his own Comedy Hour – or Late Night as he comes up with One Liners & Zingers during his interviews that are funnier than what is usually heard.  There’s lots more about his Career & Comedy Stints on Wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mo_Rocca

I’m glad I flipped the Channel for real Broadcasting.  Thank you, CBS for restoring Faith in how the NEWS should be broadcast. 


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PS:  #AnnCurry – get a gig at CBS/NYC!  I may sound selfish in saying that, but then I can have my Cake & eat it, too!

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