Thursday, February 20, 2014

ROBERT NEEDS HELP IMMEDIATELY! Osteo-Arthritis Patient searches for RELIEF.


My fiancé, ROBERT has a severe case of Osteo-Arthritis in his lower back.  This is a degenerative Disease that does not get ‘better’ as he ages.  Combined with this problem, he fell on the ice 10 days ago and is in excruciating, constant pain.  He cannot sleep, but for maybe 1-2 hours a day.  Lack of Sleep is also taking a toll on him. He refuses to take OPIATES that his doctor suggested.  I don’t blame him.  He says he is always in Pain.  He is bed-bound (therefore, apartment-bound) and depressed. We live on the North Side of Chicago. 

PURPOSE OF THIS POSTING:  Via this posting, do any of you have ANY Suggestions on how he can alleviate this Pain – with proven results that are NOT habit-forming?  This is heart-breaking for both of us as his Quality of Life has diminished.  If you know of any remedies or doctors who are specialists in this field, please let me know. 

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Sincerely, ASK - Chicago – IL USA



ROBERT NEEDS HELP IMMEDIATELY! Osteo-Arthritis Patient searches 4 RELIEF.   See Blog 4 Details on how 2 help!

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Hershel ewer said...

I also suffer from Ostio Arthritis of the knee. My accupuchurist daughter sugessted I try Tumeric powder. I did this after 8 years of pain . and 3 years of trying needleings moxibustion, and pain killers. The stuff works and I have been able to cut the dosage down. I' am 87% pain free, for the first time since I was 45.

Hershel Ewer