Friday, June 27, 2014

A Humanitarian Plea for an unaccountably Large Population of Children needing Help & Hope.

For unknown reasons, the Media focused on many News Stories surrounding Children this week; or maybe I just seemed to concentrate on this Topic.  The main Criteria that struck me is two-fold.  Life depends on how long you live and how you got to that ‘older’ age and stage means you were raised in a certain manner by a certain set of people who instilled in you certain moral characters.  Considering what the News has to tell us, many of us are extremely lucky to have even made it into our Teens let alone achieve an older age, with what Hurdles are before the Child of Today, that I will list below:


The Out-Take  and Scope (as I see it) is this:


Entire Segments of the World Population are invisible as We really do not personally know many of these HAVE NOTS.   How many times do you consider a Child living in squalor in a different country?  Be honest now. 


Large populations of Kids are dropping out of school;


Large populations of Kids are drug runners because of their lack of education due to dropping out;


Large populations of Kids are sold into the Sex Trade or Industry;


Large populations of Kids go to sleep hungry at night and do not have nourishing meals or snacks during the day;


Large population of Kids over-eat and become obese or morbidly obese (the complete opposite the earlier statement above) which caused a slew of other medical conditions during their later life (if they so live to see that);


Large populations of Kids are entering the USA illegally and are not accompanied by Parents; asking us:  how they will be raised?   This is questionable as their formative years have already been destroyed;


Large populations of Kids are Orphans (known as being displaced) from a variety of social and cultural reasons (disease and civil war are high on that list);


Large populations of Kids are diagnosed with Diseases (Cancers, Leukemia, Retardation, Mongoloidism, Autism, etc.) in which they do not have a bright future ahead of them or adequate means of Care;


Large populations of Kids have experienced Violence and Crimes;


Large populations of Kids are from a one-parent family whereby that parent may  not be suitable to be a parent;


Large populations of Kids experience Homelessness, due to family and/or natural disasters (fires, earthquakes, landslides, etc.), experiencing loneliness, abandonment, despair, and an assortment of psychological problems that may haunt them throughout their lifetime; and


Large populations of Kids are born addicted to a Mother who is using illicit Drugs and is born with complications.


Where is their Help?  Where is their Hope?  Falling into the Cracks, I’m afraid there is no way out for these large populations of Kids whose earliest years need the most Assistance.  This is my Concern today.  Put down what you are doing and #GiveADamn.


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