Sunday, June 15, 2014

Favorite Dads by Daughter #1: ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith.

Favorite Dads by Daughter #1: ASK:
Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Honoring Thy Fathers on his Day for the 104TH Time.

This Event is not one of mine. Father’s Day does not register as one of my Holidates in the endless Batch of 1,900 Special Occasions that I’ve created in 34 precise Categories since July 25, 1990.  There is a distinct Family Division in Eventology (the literary genre I created) where 30 other Family (r)elated or elated Events exist, but today I reflected on the  highly significant Men that I have met, known or heard about that put the definitive Characteristics into what Fathering and Manhood really means. 

As CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood asked its Viewers today:  

Who’s the finest Father in the Land? 

Lands and Times change, but We can always salute those Men (even if they did not bear children or  reside with a family) because of the Traits they display and share with us, that help us in our  Growth, Health & Well-being in the times when we grew up.  In one way or the other:  Their Presence did make a difference. 

Note I did not put my own Father, Louis Koopersmith or Grandfather, Srul Koopersmith on the list for a variety of reasons as they did not rank as the following Men did.  From what I gathered, these Men (both alive and dead) possess or possessed the Innate and  GQ: Golden Qualities of what it takes to make a Dad from a person who just bears children. After all, if We didn’t know or have a Male Figure, We all know We came from one – such is the Nature of Nature and the Essence of being born on Planet Earth via the Auspices of “Mother Nature” and “Father Time.”


Now at Age 61 (62 on August 9, 2014), my Selection over these Decades include:

Robert E. Hofstadter – FiancĂ©e, Confidante & StoryTeller

Howard A. Tullman – Scholar, The Father of the Modern Day Start-Up/Incubator; Promoter of The Artist behind their Art.

Frank Cunha IIICEO of @FC3Architecture - New Jersey

Wilford Raney - Renaissance Man/Purveyor of Planet Earth - Texas

Peter Max – The Father of Pop Art - New York City

Lenny Cavallaro – Boston Composer & Professor

Neville Shulman – London: Author/Adventurer/Philanthropist

Phil Ponce – Host/WTTW: Chicago Tonight

Roger Weiss of NASA/Houston - Keeping Education in the Forefront of Tens of Millions of People via Social Media Networking through his unstoppable & unquenchable Nature of keeping us focused upon the Stars & the Universe about us. 

James Foyt - Nebraska. Film Director of The Road: A Hobo's Tale where elements of Fatherhood are put to 'The Test.'  @JamesFoyt -

William Hastert – R.I.P. – 7TH Grade English & Homeroom Teacher

Dr. Musick  – R.I.P. – General Practitioner in Mendota, IL USA who brought me into the World on Sat. August 9, 1952

Sam Friend – R.I.P. – Mother’s Father, therefore, my Maternal Grandfather

Dr. Lewis – Dr. Lewis – Dr. Michael Fox – Veterinarians

Davy Packer – R.I.P. – Leading 20TH Visionary; Father of Aron Packer, leading Chicago Gallery Owner & Art Promoter

Al Huber - R.I.P. - Painter who worked for 2 Retail Rivals:  Marshall Fields & Carson Pirie Scott at the same time; Life-long Chicago & Full-Time Bohemian. Devoted Husband of Ronni Huber.

Eddy Paul Suszynski - R.I.P. - PianoMan; Husband of Mary & Father of 4 dynamic Children: Paul, Eric, Suzanna & Diana who all went on to International Musical  Acclaim in their own Rites due to what Eddy+Mary instilled in them. 

Rabbi Reach - R.I.P. - My First Rabbi circa 1965. A German Immigrant who immigrated to LaSalle, IL where he lead a small Tribe at the area's only Synagogue. 

Bill Stockhus - R.I.P. - Husband of Nancy Conky; Father of David & Mark; 2 classmates while 'Growing Up Koopersmith' who lived 2 doors down. When I got hooked on their Picket Fence, Bill gently lifted me off & placed me on the other side. 

Mr. Peabody (and his Boy Sherman) – Animated Character(s)

The Male SeaHorse – who bears the Baby SeaHorses. Only Species equipped for this incredible ‘Job’

In my Book, they are all worthy of winning Parenting Awards.  We all have our various Ways of Thinking about what Fatherhood means and it’s all sculpted from our Childhood’s and how that Parent behaved; misbehaved and presented himself.  What a father did outside ‘The  Proverbial Home’ may be totally different to how he acted at home with his Family.  And throughout the years, I’ve seen that the Portrayal of a deceased Loved One changes dramatically, but today, for Father’s Day, it’s best to hug them while We have them, buy them a Pair of Socks, a BowTie and a Steak Dinner because those are Commercial Ways in which We say We care today.

ADDITIONAL SIDENOTE OF JUNE 16, 2014.  Father's Day is now over for another year, but as I thought of this Essay last evening,  6 other Men of Importance came to mind that I added today at 10:45 AM. Each has their own Story; each has or had made an indelible Impression in not only me but others they have touched, talked to or affected.  Not only is this a Lesson in appreciating those who mean something to us, but it's a way to record (y)our History so that those we know and care about are never forgotten.

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