Sunday, June 29, 2014

JUST STOP THE PAIN! A Plan to alleviate Pain through a revised Alcoholic based Liquid. A Humanitarian Plea to ‘ease The Pain.’

DATELINE:  Sunday, June 29, 2014

A dear Friend of mine is extremely sick.

Allergic to sulfa-based drugs (Antibiotics containing chemicals called sulfonamides), he uses alcohol to self-medicate (primarily vodka) that eliminates 90% of his pain (the pain).  When not ‘drinking’ (which causes him to become inebriated that causes yet another set of problems to set in), he applies a hot-cold cream and takes an over-the-counter pain reliever (non-sulfa-based) that he reports kills ‘the pain’ by only 50%.  The whammy is that he is an alcoholic and he pays for this temporary relief, dearly by an array of symptoms including:


Not sleeping

Not eating

Losing weight

Falling and severely bruising himself


Delusions and

Chronic lingering Depression (as alcohol becomes a depressant once the ‘high’ is over)


Then, when he stops drinking the alcohol, ‘the pain’ returns.  This cycle to relieve (t)his torment of on-going pain (due to a peripheral neuropathy in his left arm and hand (the ball-and-claw deformity) and now with OsteoArthritis in his lower back) began in 2002. It’s now June of 2014.  HE NEEDS IMMEDIATE RELIEF.  Nothing on the open marketplace gives him long-lasting relief.  Yet, the break-throughs medical science has made  and continues to make may hold an answer for him and others so afflicted. 


MY PROPOSAL to all chemistry labs, medical research teams and alcohol producing companies is to develop a:


Non-addicting beverage that contains the ‘Healing Power of Pain Removal’ that Vodka (and other leading liquors contain) but without the addictive properties and Side Effects that occur after consumption.  We want to merely TURN OFF THE PAIN. 


As a layman and cook, who mixes various condiments and spices to produce a healthier product, I instinctually feel this “Process of Discovery” deals only with the juxtaposition of Atoms and Molecules – simple Additions and Subtractions that would not addict the imbiber/user, but would merely turn-off the area(s) in the brain that cause(s) ‘the pain.’  Alcohol somehow reaches this/these area(s) on its own, yet alcohol’s side effects are debilitating.  By the same token, this may lead to a lessening of the Anxiety and Deep Depression that accompanies an alcohol-induced blow-out / experience / bout.


LOOK AT IT THIS WAY:  Marijuana is now ‘medical – medicinal’ and helps those who need a fix. Pot has been known to help those with glaucoma.  Why shouldn’t alcohol be reworked to aid those in excruciating and severe pain?  This is not a Drive to stop the high-stakes Pill Industry and its advocates that make billions/trillions of dollars every year or decade. This is a new chance to review the hidden properties of alcohol to aid those individuals who desperately need a new and improved way of dealing with their pain so that their suffering is lessened/diminished and their Life resumes as normally as possible.  I firmly believe this Concept can become a Reality – a Building Block.  That’s why your help is being recruited today to make it happen for an ever-growing larger population that needs help ASAP. 


This Plan may open and break ground for a long-lasting cure and remedy for mindful Pain Relief.  It holds potential that just needs to be set into motion by experts in these areas.   That way, a new product of Alcohol will aid Modern Medicine in making in-roads into other areas of human suffering.



Currently (as of Sunday, June 29, 2014), nothing that he is doing is working positively towards his benefit or upon improving his quality of life and living.  Every day, this becomes a continual fight that is taking its toll on him; while mentally wearing him out so that lack of sleep and high anxiety mark his days – besides his excruciating Pain.  He cannot eat so that he does not get the nutrients he needs to keep his body strong.   And, of course, this affects his  loved ones around him who can’t bear to see him  in such pain.



As of  Wednesday, December 31, 2014, the last BabyBoomer will turn 50.  The shift towards an older demographic is prevalent and better improvements on keeping them in optimal health is a (new) industry of its own with high tech advancements leading the way; making headline news.  I’m sure this Concept/Proposal of: 

JUST STOP THE PAIN!  A Plan to alleviate Pain through a non-Alcoholic based Liquid


 is not as far-fetched or impossible as it may initially seem. 


SEEN AS A WIN-WIN SITUATION:   The Target Group is this huge market affecting Alcoholics who do not want to become Drug Addicts.  If we can “find a way” to:

alleviate Pain through a revised Alcoholic based Liquid,


this Break-through would cut-back on the huge financial burden, debt and strain alcoholism (and its dire consequences) puts on our modern global society and its caretakers.


ASKING A FAVOR OF YOU:  Sharing this missive with others in your Circle; posting it on Social Media Networks  and/or discussing the Topic are other avenues I would appreciate you partaking in. 

That posting for a Tweet (in exactly 140 Characters) would read as:

JUST STOP THE PAIN! A Plan 2 alleviate Pain thru a revised Alcoholic based Liquid.  Humanitarian Plea 2 ease The Pain


After all, every Day is a Blessing and a Gift to be lived to the Fullest.  Any hindrance that happens to us, detracts from that Wonder.  

Won’t you help?

IN CLOSING:  On behalf of my friend, we both thank you for listening to my Plan here.    I may be reached at:

847-630-9201 – My Cell


to discuss any questions or queries you may have or to clear up anything I was not specific about. 


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