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Edutopia: The Goal of Educating Our Young On(c)e and For All...


Tuesday, July 1, 2014.  What’s more important than Fame, Fortune and Material Possessions?  Education.  Education is the Key to all the Strides a Person makes in their Lifetimes. If a good Education is secured from Birth on (as each Day is a well-rounded Experience in which to Learn), then every Possession (Material & Spiritual) can be achieved, if that happens to be your Desire.  This Activity may be extremely difficult to achieve for some People who are born into extenuating Circumstances. However, Credit must be given to those who make it a point to present ‘The Best Opportunities to all People’ in their Pursuit of Knowledge.  One such Group that stands apart and at the Forefront of this ‘Mission’ is:





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begun by George Lucas.  The George Lucas Educational Foundation (based in San Rafael, California) staffs Talented People who work in a collaborative Environment with Colleagues that are impassioned about The Learning Process.  According to their Website (paraphrased):  Their Dedication lies in improving the K-12 Learning Process through innovative, replicable, and evidence-based Strategies, preparing Students to thrive in their Studies, Careers and Adult Lives.

A Study-Buddy Strat(egy) is one in which you share your Like Interests with a Friend.  S/he may be just that Person who makes your Learning Experience memorable by sharing it in a mutually satisfying way. Connecting with others in your Community is both aspiring and inspiring.  Especially so during the Summer when School is out and it’s important to keep busy. It’s far easier to accomplish when you share that  Moment with you. The Key is Motivation.  The Time to start is now:  The First Day of July: 2010.

The Goods and Contents of what Education provides are catching. By Teaching a Topic  to others and participating in ‘The Process,’ the Progress each Student makes is comparable to a Splurge.  However, to fully Splurge on Education enriches not only the Person but those s/he shares it with. More often than not:  It is assuredly the One Thing that will follow you through Life, a well-lived one by opening up Doors and allowing you to ‘achieve’ those Dreams and fulfill those Plans. 

Therefore, for those of you participating in #NationalSplurgeDay’s 20TH Year ABC: Anniversary Birthday Celebration this Year, here at #SplurgeCentral, We wholeheartedly encourage you to GO Education.  Take time out to investigate more about Edutopia by practicing and helping K-12 Students in your Neighborhood; Community Center; School, Church, Synagogue, Mosque, etc.  so that they feel that ‘splurging’ on Education is the most worthwhile Endeavor they could ever, ever do. 
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