Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Adrienne, how do you find SO many Things to splurge on? America's Premier Eventologist, ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith of Chicago, IL USA answers the Questions on how Eventology cracks the SPLURGE Code. When Enabling is beneficial to Societal Needs.


Wednesday, July 30, 2014 – The Daily Splurge® #40 asks “What do We SPLURGE on ‘The Most?’  For the last 39 Days for those of us participating in the SPLURGING Game here via this Daily Diatribe that examines what is enjoyable, ‘The Most’ is gained when considering the Implications and Complications of  SPLURGING Themes. Themes are plainly popular in any and every Sport & Recreation that we indulge in. 

IF you find this all very complicated and have no Idea where to start SPLURGING, there is HELP for you close-by.  Try the next Sentence for Starters.

Do you need to experience a SPLURGE that you’ve never undertaken before?  Something that will cure the Boredom of your usual SPLURGE?  Then, look NO further than your Television Set.  After all, the Root Word of Television is ‘vision.’  Can that SPLURGE be on getting a new TV? That’s a Possibility.  Now, what you do is:

Turn it on.
What are the Actors/Anchors/Ads wearing?
What are the Actors/Anchors/Ads telling you?
What the Actors/Anchors/Ads inferring that might be the hottest and trendiest Topics around?

This is how an EVENTOLOGIST (as myself) thinks.

Comprise a List which may contain:

Cool Shades (sunglasses)
Hair Styles
T-Shirts and
Window Shades

for starters. There’s many more.  Too many, actually.  You can get lost in the pre-Work that goes into a well-devised SPLURGE. 

 While searching (which involves researching) for The Next Big SPLURGE that Process goes like this.  Every so often, every once in a while you will find an IOI: Item Of Interest, like the new ‘Smart Shoe’ premiering in September of 2014 that helps you get there (wherever ‘there’ may be) without getting lost, confused or without ‘losing ground.’  If this can keep a Person from being rerouted into the Bad Side of Town, Precious Lives could even be saved.  Just think:  If your Legs could talk, they’d be happy you made this SPLURGE. 

Therefore, when you start on the next Forty (40) Days of Splurging here viaThe Daily Splurge® keep in mind the numerous ways in which you can be ahead of the Rest in discovering the Best SPLURGE for the Best Time of your Life. 

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