Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hot Fun in the Summertime doesn’t mean U drown in your nearby Lake. How CBS saves Life, One Segment at a Time. A MikePuccinelli Exclusive: July 22, 2014.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014 – The Daily Splurge® #32 addresses a SPLURGE that could save your Life.  Dramatic as that seems ten (10) People drown each Day during the Summer.  Water Deaths increase with the Heat Index are what the Experts tell us. “Half of these Deaths could be prevented,” stated Mike Puccinelli, General Assignment Reporter of CBS Chicago Channel 2 (who will be celebrating his 10TH Year Anniversary this upcoming December) in this Morning’s Safety Report. 

In other Words, Folks, don’t blow your Summer by Drowning. SPLURGE (i.e.: get out there and purchase) a Life Jacket that can possibly save your Life as well as lessen the GAPGrief, Anguish & Pain you create when you leave your Loved Ones behind (to fend for themselves).  There’s honestly enough Time during the Day to do this Chore.  Take a Break; google a Life Jacket Store (Recreational Sports Shop) in your Hood and drive/bike or walk over.  Or order one online that will be delivered within a few days.  This may be the Best Investment you’ve ever made. Plus, if you are an Adult, you are setting a fine Example for your CANChildren/Associates/Neighbors. They CAN & should think Safety first.  

We all hear the Horror Stories of Disbelief.  He/She died in just a matter of seconds because he/she wasn’t wearing a Flotation Jacket.  We can all feel their Hurt. One precious Person is dead; their Relatives are totally devastated.  Although First Responders are trained in SYL: Saving Your Life, Chances are you may not resurface and their Rescue Efforts may have been in-vein.  A Personal Floating Device is the SPLURGE OF THE DAY for July 22, 2014 as We enter the Peak of Boating Season here in the Northern Hemisphere. 

We may never know how many Lives have been saved by CBS airing this News Article, but rest assured since it has a Viral Presence and has struck a Nerve, that number will only increase the Odds that something devastating does not occur.

An SoS: Splurge on Safety may cut down a TV Station’s Broadcasts, but they’ve kept a Viewer and Prized Audience Member. This SPLURGE ON SAFETY is comprised of 3 Words worth not dying for.  Whether it’s in a Pool or River Rafting, SwimSmart®.  Boats – Broads – Beer – Bands are especially appealing, especially after a long, harsh Chiberian Winter, but face it:  Do you want on your Resumé & CV that you drowned?  I think not

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