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Enter: Jay B. Ross, Entertainment Attorney & The Chicago Connection to The Godfather of Soul, James Brown. Get On Up premiers on August 1.


DATELINE:   Friday, July 10, 2014

Chicago, IL USA:  One of the greatest Performers and Entertainers, a Legend by all Definitions of the Word was James Brown, the Godfather of Soul; one of the Founding Fathers of Funk Music; #1 in The Top 500 Artists of Billboard R&B Charts (from 1942 to 2010), Hot R&B Songs; and Ranking as Seventh on Rolling Stone's List of its 100 Greatest Artists Of All Time. 1

With his Music touching The Masses, step back and think of what would it have been like to know how James really felt; what he really thought; what it was like to “be” James Brown. Even a Conversation with Mr. Brown must have been a mesmerizing Moment.

As the Movie – (t)his Movie – named:  Get On Up opens on August 1, 2014, ‘The Chicago Connection’ to Mr. Brown rests with our very own, Jay B. Ross, Entertainment Attorney to the incomparable James Brown.  Learn more of the Inside Story  about how Jay B. helped shape James’ Career (for 15 years); that later, of course, would lend itself to how eliminating Racism grew from the deeply enrooted Civil Rights Enactments of 50 years ago (this year); to how young Artists/Musicians/Performers must learn ‘The Laws’ in order to protect themselves and their Careers.  Yes, this could easily become a Class at any leading University revolving around the relevant Issues of Marketing/Music/Intellectual Property. 

As intriguing as the Sounds of James Brown are, Attorney Ross has worked with over 300 Performing Artists, Musical (both individual Arts and Groups) and Comedians for the Span of his Legal Career, now 46 years going strong.  His ever-popular Blog called:

has been turned into a Rap and will be released at the beginning of 2015. 

From ‘Sue The Bastards’ (Book-in-Progress) this Chapter appears:

  1. Introduction Written in October of 2006

    Mr. Ross has been my lawyer for many years. I trust him totally. He has looked out for
    my interests, even above his own, and that’s what a lawyer is all about. I’ve heard many of his stories that he intends to use in his books on his experiences and he has permission to use any about me. I have found his stories interesting and have laughed out loud at many of the humorous ones. I totally remember the ones he is writing about me, our long limo ride together in New York State, and our mutual advice to M.C. Hammer. I am sure that anyone who reads his work will enjoy it.

    - James Brown

    (Sadly, Mr. Brown died December 25, 2006 after expressing these comments.)

Posted 18th June 2012 by Jay B. Ross


ATTN: CHICAGOANS & MIDWESTERNERS:  The Chicago Connection’ to ‘The Godfather of Soul’ is right here in our very own backyard.  

As his Website tells us:

Jay B. Ross and Associates, P.C. has represented and/or advised some of the most prominent people in the entertainment industry. A pioneer in the field of entertainment law, Ross has represented scores of music legends and/or their heirs and advisers, including James Brown, Ray Charles' family, Muddy Waters, Woody Guthrie estate, Jerry “The Iceman” Butler, Koko Taylor, Gene Chandler, Shirley Jones, Anna Maria Alberghetti, Bonnie Pointer, Debbie Sledge, Albertina Walker and Willie Dixon. The late James Brown was a client for 15 years, during which time Ross enjoyed Mr. Brown’s implicit trust in his legal skills.

A complete Roster of Jay B.’s Clients are online at:

His Services include:

Music Publishing
Contractual Agreements
Royalty Retrieval
Right of Publicity
Music Copyrights
Wills and Estates
Personal Injury

Book an Interview for your Publication and/or Station to learn more about the Life & Times of James Brown – Stories that are not on the Silver Screen but in the Heart & Mind of Jay B. Ross as someone who knew this Legend intimately.  And, yes, he does miss James as they formed a Friendship based on Trust, which is quite extraordinarily rare in the Music Industry. 

Please contact the Law Office of Jay B. Ross directly at:  

P:  312-633-9000
F:  312-633-9090

before August 1 when the Movie, GET ON UP premiers spotlighting Chadwick Boseman, Nelsan Ellis, Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer and produced by Mick Jagger in order to learn Facts and hear Stories that only he can reveal about this self-made SuperStar. 

When I asked Jay B. about his Careers that covered such Professions as the Legal Field; being an Author, Actor and Philanthropist, he was quick and proud to add a continuous Flow of Jobs that most would leave off their Resumés as:  Manager, Booking Agent, Poster Store Owner, Encyclopedia Salesman, Bus Boy, Waiter, Oven-Cleaner, Dorm Counselor and Real Estate Salesman. 

This Characteristic of being able to cross-over and reinvent himself is what gives Jay B. Ross his colorful Personality  and Fortitude…one that has opened Doors to the Arts & Cultural Scenes in Chicago where he is headquartered, a dynamic Arena where too many leave, but where Jay B. chose to stay and cultivate the Performers he worked and continues to work (with).

TO KEEP YOUR EDITORIAL CALENDARS ACTIVE:  The  following  Six (6) Projects are in the Works for Jay B. that you may wish to spotlight throughout the upcoming year.  Those are:

1) ‘Sue the Bastards

Jay B. Ross’ Blog/Book – a Work-in-Progress;

2) ‘Sue The Bastards’ Song will be released in early January, 2015 to accompany The Book & its Music Video now in Production in Atlanta (derived initially from a Rap Jay wrote in the Middle 1980 for his Employees’ Holiday Party);

3) The Jay B. Ross Foundation that will promote frequent Networking Events in and throughout the Greater Chicago Community encompassing the Midwest and those Musicians/Artists/Talents wishing to break into ‘The Big Time’ without leaving for the East or West Coasts.

4) Jay B. Ross was officially recognized and included as a Legendary Blues Attorney in the Blues Hall of Fame by the American Heritage International Organization on April 22, 2014 via the Blues Hall of Fame - %: Daniel S. Marolt, Chairman of The Board.

5) A Street will be named honoring Jay B.  (by the City of Chicago) saluting his Accomplishments and Milestones in The Arts, Music & Entertainment Worlds.  

6Negotiate is the BuzzWord of 2014.  By Fall of 2014, Jay B. Ross will be releasing a fool-proof 8 DVD Set (10-12 hours in duration) of originally-offered Videotapes (at the Graduate Level) and taught at Columbia College Chicago.  The Topic:  Negotiations (the Ploys – the Gambits).  Jay B. taught this 8 Credited Course Selection to Students (created 13 years ago) on Music Negotiation in April of 2008 to help them negotiate Deals when they are in Los Angeles or New York City.  Unfortunately, many cannot afford to hire an Entertainment Attorney to protect their Material & Intellectual Properties. These Negotiation Techniques were designed to discover the Hidden Meanings behind the Words spoken.  This Set is not only for the Creative Personality but for anyone who wants to know more about the Art of the Negotiation; the ‘GoodGuy  - BadGuy” Approach; how to read a ‘flinch’ and other significant Techniques that save the Artist/Person from getting ripped off.  A $1,000 Course, the 8 DVDs will retail at $195 for the Set. 
TAPPING INTO A LOCAL LEGEND:  Available for Programs/Programming as a regularly scheduled Live Segment on your Radio/TV Station, this would be(come) a Series when Jay B. interviews ‘The Who’s Who of Entertainment’ here in ‘Sweet Home Chicago’ telling their Stories, sharing his and what transpires from those  two great Conversational Dialogues.

PAPA’s GOT A BRAND NEW BAG:  James Brown and Jay B. Ross: A Part of the American Music Heritage.    Indeed, it’s easy to say they are 2 of the most "The Hardest Working Men in Show Business."

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Like a Music Video.  Can’t have a Music Video without Music, a Song that “wraps it up” while “rapping it up” the only Way that it can be done  LEGALLY and that’s with The Tune scored and written by JAY B. ROSS a long time ago.  But now IT has come into its own Volition (with a Group of Jay B.’s closest Friends) and is a Product – his Brand   that is not only catchy and danceable, but Newsworthy as The Topic is timely.  

“Sue The Bastards ©” 
(Song and Music Video) 

will be premiering in a few Short Weeks. [I'll be back with The Dates & Info.]   

BY FAR:  The interesting Part is that with The Advent and Invention of The Internet so much Material (inclusive of Songs, Art  and Literature) can be lifted and infringed upon. Stolen without Permission; Payment or Acknowledgment to a Creative/Talent (Musician - Songwriter - all of the above) who has worked and sunk everything in to that Production.  

That is not fair.
That is not right.

Yet, it occurs every Day and is occurring right now to someone who cannot stop this Crime against The Arts. 

This adds up to Billions of Dollars of lost Revenue and Fanfare as well as Future Gigs annually for the average Artist who is not safeguarded.
If not for tried/true and devoted Lawyers as Jay B. Ross (who has been  "America's Leading Entertainment Attorney" for 40+ years - based in Chicago, the Third Largest Marketplace in the USA)  many Artists would not be getting the RIGHTS, RITES  and Privileges) they undividedly deserves.  While Copyright Infringement runs wild on The Internet, it won’t be for long because Determination, Fortitude and The Enforcement of CyberSpace Copyrights has only begun with #SUE_THE_LAWYERS. 

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DATELINE:  Saturday, October 3, 2015 - 4:10 PM CST

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When you are presented: THE GRAND BLUES MUSIC LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD for being: “Music’s Most Accomplished & Valuable Entertainment Attorney In  The World.” The Full Edition of ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith’s Presentation Speech of Thursday, November 5, 2015 honoring Chicago’s Very Own: Jay B. Ross.


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