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Brandon Stanton of @humansofny on: Being stuck...



Saturday, July 26, 2014 – The Daily Splurge® #36 encompasses an Opinion that lies in the profound Twitter Quote poised by:


Brandon Stanton of  @humansofny


who makes it his Mission to take Photographs and ask Questions of ‘People on the Street’ in Manhattan.  In one of the most colossal Cities of the World in which to SPLURGE, Brandon will never experience a Shortage of Subjects. He is also the Creator of the Blog and #1 NYT bestselling Book, Humans of New York. Smitten with what this Quote:


"I'm stuck in an institutional trap”

really touches upon: The Humanity behind Human Nature, it’s not hard to contemplate what happens when Words of Negativity as: Stuck – Institutional – Trap are cemented into print and then viral out of control here on Social Media Networks.  Negativity can indeed be changed into Positivity with a few Points & Clicks.    

For those of us ever feeling stuck and/or ‘stuck in an institutional trap,’ there is no Way out but to push your darndest Way through to the other Side.  Fear may grasp those who make it to that point so that even taking that ‘Leap of Faith’ is NOT tried.  Some of us can fight through the PIRT: Problem, Issue and Red Tape; while others fall by the Wayside, giving up on their Ambitions & Dreams as the Conditions worsen or become too severe.  Others persist while overcoming those Odds while being called ‘valiant’ or ‘heroic.’  Being ‘stuck’ prevents any Variety of Movement whether it’s physical, mental or spiritual in Nature and thus halts all Forms of SPLURGING.  Since 1 Picture alone can stop us in our Path and make us think as  Brandon Stanton’s did, it triggers the Act(ion) of ‘doing’ something about those adverse Conditions, so that Levity, Enlightenment and the Joys of SPLURGING can emerge and do what they are BEST doing – acting Human.  It’s a Job that he does well… 

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