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Pivotal Exposure for the Creative & Business Industries. Influencing those who influence you & your Brand.

Influencing the Future (People,  Places,  Events & Things) depends on the Promotional Steps you take every Day. With 4 Decades of  proven Experience & #TrackRecord, that is exactly what can be accomplished for you (your Company/Product/Brand) by the Year's End. It will be here sooner than you think.  Let's get started today. 

Details follow:
Costs at close of DocuBlog.


JULY 25, 2014

For those of you who participated in my HOLIDATE known as NATIONAL SPLURGE DAY ©1994 on Wednesday, June 18, 2014, you will receive an additional Week’s Worth of Social Media Networking performed by me by signing up for this Offer.  Your Product(s) - Line(s) - Brand(s) need to be exposed to others during 2014.
Undoubtedly, with the Way NATIONAL SPLURGE DAY ©1994 trended out-of-control on June 18TH, that Viral Version of NAME RECOGNITION certainly is satisfying to have.  

This Special Note of Appreciation is also extended to my Social Media Networking Associates namely on:

Twitter and
as well as
Members of my Community,
The Greater Chicago Area
2014 marks my 40th Year of living, working and thriving here.

PIVOT is the Acronym I created and coined earlier this Year that encompasses:

People In Ventures Of Technology.

Therefore, if you are Part of this (r)Evolution, you, too, are included in my Special Offer because the Advancements you are striving to make will make that Difference and need that extra Exposure that my Writings offer.

After all, it's not WHO and WHAT you know (in a World WHERE Knowledge is King, Queen and major Bottle Washer), but the Difference is made WHEN you have an Expert Publicist (as myself with a 40 year History) sending out your News on a consistent Basis to turn those Heads.  When enough Heads are turned, your Brand becomes a Household Name.  That is the Purpose of this economical Blitz. To rev up your Name so that by the Holidays, your Sales have improved exponentially. Today, Holiday Shopping begins in late September.  

Every Month when you are growing your Business, Milestones are met.  This Offer allows you to become a Household Name.

Please feel free to forward the following Explanation to all of your Friends and Associates.  They will be happy and thrilled you did.  

Thank you for considering. 

 *   *   *  

BLOG #1107:  July 25, 2014

For those of you wondering what I do during the Course of my Day, approximately one-third of it is spent on Twitter.  Then, I will spin over to Facebook and sooner or later find my Way over to LinkedIn. We never had any of these #HighTechGizmos when I was ‘A Kid Growing-Up Koopersmith’ back during that other century/millennium.

However, I did do a lot of pen-palling with People across our Granite Planet and would write to well-known People – known as Celebrities (today) – once I had mastered the 26 Letters of The Alphabet (circa Miss Watson’s Second Grade).  My Math Teacher added in a few Numbers and the High School Class of 1970 was 'Good To Go.'  Today, it cannot be any simpler to 'reach out & touch someone' - especially so with the ease of this variety of Communication & Broadcasting.  It's hard to breakaway, as the Social Media Networks are not only informative, but they link like-minded folks whose interests span the block you live on and even the State you reside in. 

I truly think The Internet was invented for those of us who have something to say. And, for those of us who like to ‘reach out and touch someone’ – that Act(ion) could never be easier.

Oh, you may also be wondering why I only am concerned and consumed with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Those are my Faves - #Favorites and I do not want to s-p-r-e-a-d myself too thin. After all, it takes Time to observe, develop and hone a Relationship from a Blind Note/Notice or Post/Posting.  Regardless of the Cliché, Rome was not built in a Day, even if that Great City was ‘wired’ back then. 

With all that said, I’m beginning to see now that I have accumulated a Great Amount of tremendously interesting People in these Channels who need and would like to be connected furthermore.

Part of this is not only my ‘Charming Missives and   Posts, but the fact that I reside in Chicago, the 3rd largest metropolitan/ cosmopolitan City and Marketplace in the USA. There’s GI: Glamour – Intrigue to that, you know. 
 It's advantageous to have a Scout in the Area to look out for your Interests. 


Therefore, I’m thinking of a new Promotional Plan for 2014 in which I am:

1 – Hired by someone (like you);

2 – For a Period of 3 Months at a time;

3 – To have your Industry(ies) – that are enlisted as ‘Likes’ on my Radar;

4 – So that if and when I spot a relevant Conversation – Idea, etc.;

5.  U get an Introduction – Shout-out – Address (etc.); and

6.  Every Day Tweets; FB Postings; and LinkedIn Notices are  customized and generated on your behalf from Monday-Friday.  These new Contacts (whose Range is in the Millions of Followers are all INFLUENTIAL, the Buzz Word of this Decade.  An Outreach (as this) has far-reaching Positive Benefits and Results to your Product and Brand.  

Eight (8) Hours a Day is a significant Amount of Time in which to explore the Worlds now allowed us in expanding Our Networks.   Being able to float through these Social Media Networks is indeed a Dream-Come-True. A staggering Percentage of People need to have more Access(ibility) to whom and what is available in these ‘rooms.’  Sometimes, a GO: Golden Opportunity presents itself and should not be passed up. That is what this Offer offers. 

Therefore, if you are interested in this Promotional Offer, it’s good, relevant and workable for the Cut-Rate Value and Steal-Of-A-Deal of: 

$1,200 (that’s $300 a Week), prepaid,

via a 3 Month Minimum.

A Contract will be signed by both Parties. The Nature of PRAM: Public Relations/Advertising/Marketing is that a Pocket of Time (3 Months) is needed for a Project to GAIN MOMENTUM & POP.    

NOTEThere are 52 Specific Industries that I follow that cover the Bulk of what People are interested in. 

 Therefore, it would be to your Best Interest 
to sign up for this Promotional Effort.  

This sounds like a Dream-Come-True, a Marketer's Delight. No other Offer (as this) exists of its kind.  For any Questions or Queries you have, please contact me at:

in order to set up a Mutual Time to speak.
Getting started on this Promotional now assures you of more Open Doors.  Why wait!

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Koopersmith’s Global Communications
“People read what ASK writes about…”  
Chicago – Illinois USA

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