Monday, June 9, 2014

Nearly FREE Promo Postings for those Authors, Aspiring Writers, Journalists, Magazines, Artists & Individuals attending Printers Row Lit Fest on June 7-8, 2014. Offer effective through June 13, 2014.

Dateline:  Monday, June 9, 2014


The best part about roaming, meandering and exploring Street Fairs is that you never know who you will discover that can change your World for the better.  That’s what happened to me on Saturday, June 7TH 2014 as I and thousands of more avid Authors/Writers/Readers converged at the

30TH Printer’s Row Literary Fest

which is a Yearly Event due to the efforts of The Chicago Tribune.

As my Friend, Buc stated in mid-1990 and I never forgot his meaningful Words:

“If you’re ever bored, you can always put your ‘mind’ into a Good Book.”

He was ‘write,’ you know.  As we both know,  there were Scores of Books penned for this past Weekend’s Fest as well as Vintage Magazines that preserved our  History for future Generations to behold. As a Chicago Resident of 40 years now, I am especially proud that this all emanated from ‘Sweet Home Chicago’ - a terrific Marketplace for The Arts & our Creative Endeavors.  People ‘like’ us just because We hail from the Third Largest City – a Hub of Creativity in every Direction.

Today, to keep the Momentum going strong,  I am posting this Offer on my Blog, in order to extend it to  you and/or your Group. It acts as follow-up to such a Fantastic Book Fest. Like the Duracell Bunny, it’s a Gift that keeps going and going and going. 


BACKGROUND:  I’m a Creative Writer since age 5 when I learned the Alphabet & am now a PRAM-ologist. That Acronym is derived from the Terms: 

Public Relations – Advertising – Marketing.

With all the Competition We must deal with, it’s always reassuring to have another set of Eyes, Ears and Hands (backed by years of Knowledgeable Experience) in which to help you meet your Goal(s).  After an Outing as impressive as the Chicago Tribune’s Lit Fest, the Two Questions asked most often are:


Q#1:  How does the Average Person find that ‘Good Book?” 

Namely YOURS; someone you know; can suggest or wish to see become a Household Name.


Q#2:  How do I entice The Media to read and report on my Book?  

Many (if not most) times that is done by way of the Social Media Networks.  I ‘work’ 3 of them along with eMail. Those are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  I prefer these to any others and find that I’ve accumulated Contacts across every Industry on every Continent that could benefit from your Writings.

Therefore, on my Blog, a $5/Hour Promotional sets forth those Ideologies.  It runs through the Summer of 2014 and gives a HeadStart to our Holiday Gift-Giving. 

That Feature is entitled and found at:

Paid Interns work for far more. ASK’s Deal-of-The-Day. An Offer U can’t or probably shouldn’t really refuse or refute.

Said Offer is valid through Friday, June 13, 2014.

Please feel free to pass this Branding Opportunity along to others.  You may contact me directly at: 




for any question or queries you have.

IN CLOSING:   I appreciate you reading along.  Have a fabulous Summer and continued Success in all your Literary Projects.


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